Wall of Fame 2004

Wall of Fame in 2014


Wall of Fame FAQs

Doc Lucky at Wall-of-Fame with the swim Mascot “Buddy”. (Always swim with a Buddy)

1. I did the swim in 1991 can’t I sign the wall without swimming again?  No grandfathering! Only swimmers that have completed the swim after we started the wall-of-fame in 1999 can sign the wall. So, dust off your speedo and start swimming you old geezer.

2. How do I get my picture with Lucky and Buddy the Gator?  We have Buddy out on display almost every Saturday. Lucky is always be happy to take a photo with you . . . if you promise to shower him with gold doubloons.

3. How many names are on the Wall of Fame? Thousands, please feel free to give us an exact count.

4. Do you just have to swim one way or over and back? Over and back.  I’m not sure how you expect to sign the wall on the other side of the lake? Swimming over and ubering back doesn’t count, and drivers don’t like getting their seats wet.

5. Is this a race? No it’s a open water swimming, spiritual, cult thing. If you can’t figure out why you would want to participate then no amount of explanation would make you understand.

Three generations of Meisenheimer’s have done the swim, a total of 8 family members in all.

6. Why do some people have an accomplishment under their name? We did this back when we had more room on the wall. We are no longer adding accomplishments. We need all the room for names.

8. Can I sign anywhere on the wall? No, Lucky or a 100K club member will show you where to sign. If you try to sign on your own, we have a nun hiding in the pump room with a ruler. She will jump out and smack your wrist, and she will make you spit out your bubblegum.

9. Is there a Fee? No…the best things in life are free, but Lucky will accept bitcoins should you find yourself in a manic phase with urges to give away all your money.

10. If I use a pull buoy, fins , wet suit etc… can I still sign the wall? Yes, but if you wear a wetsuit, and the water temp is over 80 degrees you must do the walk of penance from the lake to the wall-of-fame. Lucky will follow and every three steps he will either ring a bell or squeeze on a whoopee cushion, he will also chant “Shame, Shame, Shame”.

11. Do you sign the wall each time you make the swim? No, just the first time, unless you have short-term memory loss, and you won’t even remember reading this anyway.

12. Why do some names have a halo of yellow around them? Because these people are much better than you.  They are all members of the 100K club, but this is America and anyone can eventually earn or bribe their way into official membership. Always keep in mind your non-person status and show humility in the presence of those with a haloed name.

13. Who is the most famous swimmer on the wall.? Rowdy Gaines, Triple Olympic Gold Medalist and NBC Olympic Sports Commentator is a frequent visitor at Lucky’s Lake Swim. Lucky likes it when Rowdy swims, because Rowdy never checks his car’s gas gauge, and Lucky siphons gas while Rowdy is swimming.

14. I understand I get some SWAG for doing the swim, but how to I get it? When you sign the wall, Lucky or one of the 100K club members will present you with a patch, bumper sticker and some other great stuff, and while you are distracted other members of the 100K club will riffle through your stuff and take anything that might be sellable on eBay.

Triple Olympic Gold Medalist and NBC Olympic Sportscaster – Rowdy Gaines – signs the wall in 2009. Rowdy is a frequent visitor at the swim.

Rowdy with the Lucky’s Lake Swim Bumper sticker on his car. His other car is a Lamborghini, and yes he has a bumper sticker on that one too.