R-Value Instructions

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Lucky's Lake Swim First TimeGetting Your Lucky’s Lake Swim, R Value Started

Welcome to R-Value. With the Lucky’s Lake Swim, R-Value System, swimmers from around the world record and share their wet expericances from Lucky’s Lake. Swimmers from all walks of life, ages and swimming experiances record their Lucky’s Lake Swims and obtain their Achievement Badges and the Lucky’s Lake Swim R-Value Score.

Getting StartedGetting Started.

To get started, just click the “Getting Started,” button. By clicking the button, you will enter the R Value results area where you will see the names of more than 4,000 fellow swimmers that have crossed Lucky’s Lake Swim.

Feel free the scroll up and down on the page. You will see names, scores, image of our fellow swimmers and their earned achievement badges.

To find any fellow swimmer ( including yourself ), use the handy search field at the top of the page.

Luckys Lake Swim

Sharing Your Experiances at Lucky’s Lake Swim

Find your name with the search field and then click, ¨Register.¨ This will take you to the page where you can answer all of the questions that will be tabulated creating your Lucky’s Lake Swim R-Value.

Once you have answered all of the questions, click the submit button. When you click the submit button you will be taken back to the R-Value Results page where you can use the search box to find your name and see your R-Value. Of course, it could be your experiances put you at the very top.

View Your Lucky’s Lake Swim Profile.

After you have shared and submitted your Lucky’s Lake Swimming experiances, you have found your name on the R-Value rankings page. By clicking on your name, or on any fellow swimmers name, you will see your Lucky’s Lake Swim, R-Value Profile.

Lucky´s Lake Swim


Updating Your Lucky’s Lake Swim Experiances.

At any time, if you have experianced new Lucky’s Lake Swim adventures that you would like to add to your R-Value, simply log in on the log in page, and then visit the R-Value Experiance Submission page again and update your information. You will see the answers you left the last time and you will simply modify those answers.

Once you make modifications, please remember to click the submit button at the very bottom of that page.

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