Due to the Covid19 pandemic Lucky’s daily Lake Swims are now in a limited opening.  You must sign up the evening before the swim at 6pm for your start and parking points . Most days we now have enough slots open for everyone, but not all days, so sign up early.
First time swimmers, only Saturday 7 AM.

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Lucky’s Lake Swim Blog

Changes to the lake swim!

Good news we are increasing the number of slots available to swim as of Monday. We will have two start sites with 20 each Monday through Thursday at 6:30 AM. You will still need to register the night before at 6 PM there is no priority registration anymore first come first serve. On Fridays there will be two waves of 20 per start point the first wave will be at 6:30 AM the second wave at 7 AM. On Saturday we will continue with our three waves 7:00am 7:30 am and 8: am, but we will increase the number of slots per start point to 20 per side so 120 people will have an opportunity to Swim. Unfortunately, there are still no bathroom privileges, nor are we passing out swag for milestones. We are also not allowing first time swimmers. When you see a volunteer working please thank them as they are the reason we were able to pull this off. Still a 2 crossing limit unless you are a 17 minute or under swimmer then you may do three.

This is where you register  https://register.luckyslakeswim.com/

A few weeks ago Lucky, being the artist that he is, put out a series of stakes in creating a modern piece of art, which he appropriately named. “Yellow and Orange stakes overlooking a lake, wishing they could swim”. This 3D creation is not only emotionally moving, but science based as well.  Then someone mentioned “wow this art could be used as a guide for social distancing at the lake swim”. It was an epiphany for Lucky as he realized his art could not only be beautiful and rich in symbolism,  but functional as well. Please feel free to use this display for not only your visual enjoyment, but for for an aid in social distancing. 

Watch the Video for an explanation of the current situation at Lucky’s Lake Swim.

New automated sign up for Lucky’s Lake Swim

The sign up/ registration link for Lucky’s Lake swim is below.  We are no longer doing the nightly facebook poll sign up (as much fun as that was).  Going to this registration page is the only way to sign up now.


This video explains the registration process  https://youtu.be/Bq25Eky475Y

Lucky clearly explains how the new Covid19 sign up system will work.

We are changing the sign-up system to an automated system for the daily lake swims. Lucky hates doing manual poll sign ups every evening, unlike Jay, who loves mind-numbing tasks such as running board meetings, applying for grants, meeting with politicians etc. Happily, Jay’s wife sides with Lucky on the issue, and even though there was much grumbling from Jay, we were able to distract him by asking him to look into finding an automated system which he did with gusto. Jay has been working tirelessly with Red Rocket studies (Red Rocket Studios is definitely on Santa’s “Nice list” coming this Christmas) to come up with a solution. So, I’m happy to report that the geniuses at Red Rocket Studios has done us a solid by coming up with an automated system that is simple to use and fair.

Since it looks like we are going to be under a cloud of social distancing for the near foreseeable future, we will have to have limitations on the number of swimmers to keep it safe. Sadly, we don’t think we will be able to accommodate any new swimmers at this time.

To register with the new system, you will need to sign up at this site https://register.luckyslakeswim.com/

We will no longer be using Facebook polls to sign up. Watch the video to see the registration process, or you can look at the “Cliff notes” below.

There are four different opening times to register:

6:00 pm for 2000K club members

6:30 pm for 1000K club members

7:00 pm for 100K club members

7:30 pm for everyone else (no new first time swimmers)

How this works is that a 2000K club member can sign up at any time after 6 pm, but if they wait too long, it might fill (we have only 20 slots on weekdays), so they should sign in during their restricted window of 6:00 to 6:30 pm. Then the same thing happens for the 1000K club members at 6:30 pm, and so on down the line.

This is based on the honor system. If you sign up during the 1000K club registration slot and have only completed 23 crossings, you will be shamed and fed a Covid19 cocktail.

Click on the next swim (you can only register for the swim the next day, not several days in advance)

Go to the button that says get tickets and enter (1) You can only register one swimmer per email address( It will list the number of swim slots left at that start site. If it is filled, you can try the other start site). The price is free, but if you wish to purchase a backstage pass, you can enter $10,000 and submit your credit card information.

If you get a full or closed message on both start locations for that day, then all the slots have been taken, and you will have to try for another day.

You will get an email confirming your entry and start location, and you are good to go.

Lucky, Bruce Jordan (director of the Children’s Ranch) and Jay with a check from the virtual Eat-Pray-Swim for $1500. It was going to be for a bit less, but all the bars and casinos are currently closed. 

Thanks to everyone practicing social distancing at the swim. A special thanks to the many volunteers – just for clarification Robin and Kathleen are not volunteering in this photo, they just finished robbing a bank, and they showed up to blend in with the other masked volunteers. The police are still looking for the Lucky’s Lake Swim Gang. They look like Thelma and Lousie wannabes.



Sign up for this Saturday’s Lake swim

We have the sign up right now going for tomorrow’s swim on the facebook page.  As I am typing this we are only 1/3 full (20 of 60 slots available) and sign ups have been open 30 mins.  We have 3 times you can start. 7:00am  7:45am  and 8:30 am.  You must sign up to get a slot. Video explanation of the start HERE

Once 60 have signed up the swim is closed out.


Doc Lucky Meisenheimer

Doc Lucky Meisenheimer

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