Due to the Covid19 pandemic Lucky’s daily Lake Swims are now in a limited opening.  You must sign up the evening before the swim at 6pm for your start and parking points . Most days we now have enough slots open for everyone, but not all days, so sign up early.
First time swimmers, only Saturday 7 AM.

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Golden Mile® update, SWAG, Gator, Masks and more

I think everybody has already figured out; we are canceling the “postponement” of the Golden mile. Originally it was supposed to be on May 23, but thanks to COVID-19 for screwing up everybody’s life, we postponed it to October 11, which we were hoping would be safe. Sadly, the virus won’t die out, much like fire ants and cockroaches, so it looks like it’s going to be 2021 before we start getting back to normal. If anyone can remember what normal was. If you have already registered for the 2020 Golden Mile®, you have a couple of options. First, you can donate your entry (all proceeds go to the Lake Cane Restoration Society) and get all the swag and T-shirts for the 2020 swim (we will need your t-shirt size), or you can transfer your entry to the 2021 swim, your choice. If you feel bad for taking swag for a swim you didn’t do, you can do a virtual Golden Mile®. We are checking into putting a buoy at the Eastern turnaround point so that you can do a virtual Golden Mile® on any Saturday up to October 11.

Some of the Golden Mile® swag.

Great news! Notch the turtle is back. He has been MIA for two years. Glad to see you back Notch. If Notch can return after two years, so can others. Please encourage them if you know a swimmer with a long absence.

Apparently, the UF mascot being lonely without students, has migrated to Lake Cane. With each sighting, he gets smaller. Now he is down to about 3 feet. At this rate, I expect him to shrink to the size of a tadpole by the end of August. Is it possible to be eaten by a 3 foot alligator? Well, possibly, just like it’s possible to drown in a sidewalk rain puddle. Either way you get your name in the paper, a nomination for a Darwin award and no entry into heaven.

Police artist sketch of the initial sighting of the alligator in Lake Cane. 1 inch equals 20 feet.

The good news is that we will continue to maintain the daily swims and are planning on staying to this plan until we return to normalcy whenever that is or whatever that is. Again, I can’t thank our volunteers enough for all they do. They are cleaning the buoy’s signing in new swimmers, which still only happens on Saturdays at 7 AM, and all the other groundwork required for keeping the swim operating. Lucky closely monitors all this volunteer work from his massage chair, while eating bonbons and sipping on mint julep’s, in case you were wondering how he maintains clarity and focus.

We appreciate everybody following the mask rules. So far, no visitors from the orange county mask police. If you would like to help us promote the swim, and also put a little cash flow into the Lake Cane restoration society, we do have masks available with Luckys lake swim logos for a $20 donation to the Lake Cane Restoration Society. Of course, all of the volunteers score one of these super-fine quality masks for free.

Score a mask for only a $20 donation to the Lake Cane restoration society or volunteer. Whether you are going to riot, loot or just rob the local gas station, this mask will give you plausible deniability, “officer you’ve got the wrong man” then you can accuse Lucky, which they will believe, since he has an extensive rap sheet for these sort of activities. Don’t worry about  Lucky getting arrested, his ankle bracelet GPS will exonerate him.

Next Saturday, we will be having a milestone catch-up session. We will have all the milestone awards waiting for people who have completed their milestones but have not been able to pick up their awards due to the COVID-19 screwup. Whether you have scored your 25K cap, your 100 K baseball cap, your 150 yellow swim cap or 200 K T-shirt, and so on, stop by next Saturday, and we will award you your swag. Speaking of milestones, Geno, age 89, made it into the 2000 K club last week

Geno (age 89) made it into the the 2000 K club. He has his sights on the 4000K club before he turns 178.

For those first-timers that did not get swag, we will have that out there as well. If you have the old-style Aquatica 200 K shirt wear it, and we will upgrade you to a shiny new Lucky’s lake swim 200 K club shirt.  

And if your life is miserable and boring, you might as well add to it by watching Dr. Lucky’s yo-yo talk Thursday nights live on Facebook at 9:30 PM https://www.facebook.com/DocLuckysYoYoTalk/ or check out past episodes on his Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpnFa5ZGF9mpEy6BQ7zTBGw Warning! If you visit the YouTube channel, you may have to walk through some cobwebs to get to the videos. 

Midnight swim cancelled this year, New swimmers allowed on Friday and more . . .

So for the first time in a decade, we are canceling our movie night and midnight swim, thanks COVID 1984. There is no way to show the movie without packing us in like sardines, so we are going to skip this year. Some have suggested that we watch the news at our homes, as the evening news is scarier than any movie we can show, and then go for a swim. However, Lucky wants to keep all of his rioting and looting options open for that evening. Happily, that will make 2021s movie and midnight swim that much more special, so put it on your calendar for July 3, 2021.

New first time swimmers can join us on July 3. Since July 3 (Friday) is the official national holiday, We will be allowing first-time swimmers to come in on that day; they will still need to sign up the night before for either of the two time slots either 6:30 AM or 7 AM on Friday. Saturday, July 4, first-timers will be allowed to swim in the 7 AM slot only. Again thanks to all of our volunteers that make this lake swim possible, providing necessary social distancing and sanitation, you keep us all safe.

As the Fourth of July falls on a Saturday this year, the daily swimming times will remain the same during this holiday. Please remember you still need to sign up for swim slots the night before.

Folks want to know about how hot the temperature is currently in the lake. Lucky is not sure, but he just saw a lobster this morning crawl out of the lake and climb into a boiling pot of water to cool down.

Important FYI on Covid 19 from Lucky.It’s been months since I’ve gone to the store because of COVID-19. I decided to check with Publix to ensure that a mask and gloves were all that I needed to wear to shop. They assured me that a mask and gloves are all that was required to wear to enter their store. They outright lied to me. I walked in, and everyone was wearing clothes. You are forewarned.

Lake swim open to first timers on Saturday at 7AM see details!

One of our biggest challenges during COVID-1984 has been new swimmers, a.k.a. first-time swimmers. It has been difficult to tell new folks that want to swim, they can’t, because of the sign-in difficulties, We are now going to open up Saturdays for first-time swimmers at 7 AM (They must still register the night before at 6 PM for your start and parking site for the 7 AM slot. If all the 7 AM slots are filled (40), you will have to wait until the next week. Once You have completed registration and swam, you will be able to join us during any other swims during the week. We are doing one sign-in time at 7 AM on Saturday for first-time swimmers. Please spread the word. We are still limiting the swim to two crossings, unless you are incredibly fast, and can do three in the time it takes ordinary people to do two. You know who you are, and we hate you. Still, no bathroom privileges, sorry; you will have to tie it in the night and sit on it until you get home. Please do not pee in the lake, we have checked, and we have plenty of nitrogen in the water. We appreciate those that wish to contribute, but save it for your own pools.

Again thanks to all the wonderful volunteers that have made this all possible. Extreme thanks to red rocket studios for all the work they have done for our registration process and sign-ups.


Doc Lucky Meisenheimer

Doc Lucky Meisenheimer

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