Rules and Requirements – Lucky’s Lake Swim Participation.

 Who: Anyone can join Lucky in his swim, but please understand the requirements and risks before you attempt a swim.

  1. This is a one-kilometer swim, and we expect all that join Lucky to be skilled swimmers that can complete the distance without difficulty.
  2.  There are no lifeguards or rescue boats you swim at your own risk.   All swimmers must have a signed release form on file. If you do not, you are trespassing.
  3. All new swimmers for their first twenty-five crossings MUST have flotation with them such as a pull buoy, wetsuit, safer swimmer buoy (we have plenty for loan), lifeguard buoy, etc.… (This is not a suggestion it’s a requirement) I don’t care if your name is Michael – freaking – Phelps this rule is absolute. It is also perfectly fine to continue wearing flotation devices for as many crossings as you want (we encourage it but don’t require it after the first three). Anyone that intentionally violates this rule will be banned from the swim for life.  You must also wear the bright green cap for the first three crossings (we supply).
  4. There are no walls or lane lines to hang on to, and the water is deep. “Saying I think I can make it before your swim does not cut it… you must know you can make it before you start”.
  5. Kids can swim but they must have their parents permission, all kids 12 and under must swim with a chaperone.  One chaperone per child.  A chaperone must have completed two crossings (2K) in the lake previously. Both the swimmer and companion must have flotation with them.
  6. There are live animals in the lake. Although we usually do not swim when there are boats and/or jet skiers out sometimes, they may appear during the swim.
  7. All new dark swimmers (This means swimming in the dark) must have flotation for their first three dark swims. We don’t care even if you are in the 1000K club; if it is your first three dark swims take flotation.
  8. We expect everyone to arrive on time for the start. You don’t have to start in the mass send-off physically, but you need to be present for the start. If it takes you a few minutes to ease into the water after the lead swimmers have gone, no problem. If you arrive (at the dock) after folks have started swimming you are late. It is hard to vet new swimmers when everyone is coming at staggered times. Please be on time for the start or don’t swim.
  9. All swimmers doing a partial crossing (i.e., to the first buoy and back need to be accompanied with a coach chaperone) both the swimmer and the coach must have flotation. Coaches can only escort one swimmer at a time.
  10. We don’t do “check out swims” before you swim… know that you can make it. If you think you can make it don’t even try, come back when you know you can make it.
  11. If you have medical conditions, heart disease, asthma, prone to cramps, fainting episodes, out of shape…you could die…open water swimming has extreme risks for those that are not comfortable in the water…being 200 meters offshore and realizing that this was a bad idea is too late.