Free swimmer

A free swimmer is a sub cult of open water swimmers.  Where free swimmers are always open water swimmers, open water swimmers are not always free swimmers. There are many swimmers that have participated in open water races (event swim) that have never done a free swim (non event swim).  Free swimming takes place in open water, ocean, lake, river (non-pool) where you enter the food chain.  A free swim is an open water swim done solely for the pleasure of doing the swim.   Open water races aren’t considered a free swim.  For example if you swam a mile open water race and after the race you swam back to the start to get your car, you did both an open water race and a free swim.  A free swim is generally considered a swim of at least one kilometer in distance.  Any less than that is considered just a dip in the water.  A pleasurable solo, unsupervised open water swim of a kilometer or more most closely defines a free swim.

Dark swim: A free swim done in the dark.

Dark swimmer: A freeswimmer that does dark swims.



–noun Zoology.

an animal, as a fish, that swims about freely.