Rowdy and Lucky 1.5K swim next Sunday and more.

The Rowdy and Lucky 1.5 K swim is next Sunday, October 17th. Make sure you get your entry in now. Stop reading this blog, go to the link right now, and register (Sign up Link). Now, you may go back to reading … wait, what, you didn’t register! Okay, go back to the link and sign up. Good, your reward will be in heaven; thanks for signing up. Also, while your signing up you might as well sign up for the 5K Night Ops Frogman swim on Nov 6th

We have awards for 1st – 3rd in all age groups. Since this is the same racecourse as the Golden Mile, and we will have chip timing, there are opportunities to set individual age group records. The current age group course records are linked here.

Swim Course Records

We still get questions about the no vaccination no swimming rule. This rule ended October 1st; therefore, everyone can swim regardless of vaccination status.

Can’t swim but eager to help out? Or perhaps you are on Santa’s bad boy /girl list and need some extra feel-good points to get your name in the other column. Then, please click on this link to volunteer. Just a reminder, all the proceeds from this event go to charity, so you are helping your community by volunteering or preventing coal and switches from ending up in your Christmas stocking.

Please contact Jay Madigan if you can volunteer for this event. We especially need kayakers.  Contact: 

Sign up now for the 5K Night Ops Frogman Swim – supporting the Navy Seal Foundation. Click here to register or find out more information. Saturday Nov. 6th

This video was part of our presentation to the Florida Lake Management Society Conference last month. If you want to catch up on all the environmental projects that are ongoing here at Lake Cane check it out.

Missing Lake Swim Bumper sticker found! No vaccine No Swim rule terminated and more…

We are happy to report that the missing bumper sticker stolen from Lucky’s driveway about a month ago has been returned, with the truck attached. We appreciate all those folks that have been keeping their eyes open for the missing bumper sticker. The attached truck was in relatively good shape with nothing missing, Including the truck bed full of yard waste. The borrower has not been identified, but the truck was towed from a nearby apartment complex. Lucky has not taken back the mojo he placed on the dude as he is still mad that this slacker drove around showing off the Lucky’s Lake Swim bumper sticker, like he had earned it, for about 200 miles. Thanks to the mojo, the guy is more miserable than someone skiing down a moguled course with a mouth packed full of rusty heroin needles.  The moral of the story is, “don’t display a Lucky’s Lake Swim bumper sticker unless you have earned it, or you will get a mojo put on your ass, and they are tougher to remove than a purple tattoo.”

The no vaccine no swimming rule is no more as of October 1st (Friday).  The surge is well past its peak locally, and we appreciate those that have been respectful of our rule and look forward to having them return to the lake swim. Mask wearing and social distancing remain a personal choice at the lake swim (although we always recommend social distancing from Heff).

Please sign up now for the Rowdy and Lucky 1.5K open water swim on Sunday, October 17th. That is right around the corner. The local weathermen are estimating the water temp cone of probability will be between 55 and 95 degrees for the race, which is perfect. While you are at it, don’t forget to sign up for the Navy Seal Foundation 5K night ops Frogman swim on November 6th.

You would think if someone takes your truck and drives it 200 miles they would at least of the courtesy of filling up the gas tank and taking the trash to the dump (they had plenty of money out of Shawn’s wallet to do those simple tasks). Very happy to have the bumper sticker back.  Thanks to everyone who had their eyes open looking for the missing bumper sticker.

The awards are in for the Rowdy and Lucky 1.5K Race to be held on Sunday Oct 17. There will be age groups and a great chance to pick up some of this cool hardware. Sign up now. Proceeds from the event go to the Rosen Aquatic Center and the Lake Cane Restoration Society.  Sign up Here

Take part in history tomorrow morning!

The Special Olympics Swim for Inclusion is tomorrow morning at Lucky’s Lake Swim at 7:45 AM. The regular Lake swim will still be going on, so please come and join the 15 Special Olympic Athletes participating in our swim. In addition, we will be filming a short documentary on the swim as this is the first swim to be a part of the Special Olympics Race for Inclusion. Mainstreaming Special Olympics athletes is an important mission of Special Olympics, so let’s give them all a big Lucky’s Lake Swim welcome. This inaugural swim for inclusion is your opportunity to take part in a historic first. Someday there will be swims for inclusion worldwide, and you can say you took part in the original one. Be a part of history in the making.

Please join Gregg Dedic tomorrow morning at Lucky’s Lake Swim.  Gregg is our local Special Olympics superstar.  He has swam over 1000 miles at Lucky’s Lake Swim, conquered Alcatraz and participated in multiple other open water races.  Gregg will be joined by 14 other Special Olympians tomorrow at Lucky’s Lake swim for the first ever “Swim for Inclusion”.  Don’t miss being a part of history, join us for the swim.

$10,000 Reward for missing bumper sticker, Swim for Inclusion 9/11, Labor Day Swim start time and more…

Lucky’s Labor Day Swim start time is at 7:45am

Saturday 9/ll, we have the Special Olympics Race “Swim” for Inclusion during our Saturday Lake Swim. Again, there will be cameras and media. Lucky’s Lake swim will be on as usual, and you don’t have to be a part of the “Swim for Inclusion” to swim, but it will be taking place simultaneously. We will have about 10 Special Olympians doing the swim that morning. If you want to be involved, you can sign up for Team Lucky’s Lake Swimmers here. If you sign up and swim that day and make a small donation to Special Olympics, you will receive a cool patch. If you make a big donation of $100 or more, Special Olympics will send you a Race for Inclusion T-shirt.  Sign up here.

A Lucky’s Lake Swim bumper sticker was stolen from Lucky’s driveway, and he wants it back. Please view the video below.

The swim is Saturday 9/11 during our regular lake swim. The lake swim goes off as usual at 7:45am We would though, love to have you as part of team Lucky’s Lake Swimmers in support of this event.

A $1000.00 swim to the first buoy bet, Race for Inclusion, and more happenings at Lucky’s Lake Swim

So, Lucky came home over lunch the other day to find a swimmer struggling in the water, but he was slowly moving toward the first buoy. Aiden, Curtis, and Shawn were on the dock, watching with smiles of schadenfreude on their faces. It turns out the swim was a thousand-dollar bet made by the next-door neighbor, Aiden, who rents the house from Lucky.  He bet his friend Fernando $1000.00 that he couldn’t swim to the first buoy and back. Lucky stayed to watch because he wanted Fernando to finish, as Lucky didn’t want to have to go searching for the body in all that bottom muck (plus Lucky is a bit of a sadist too). Fernando survived and won the thousand dollars, which was a win for Aiden as the lawsuit that would have indeed followed when Fernando drowned would have cost Aiden much more. Lucky asked Aiden if he would make the same bet with him, and Lucky would give 100 to 1 odds that he could swim to the first buoy and back, but Aiden declined. The moral of the story is that if someone is offering a thousand-dollar bet to swim to the first buoy and back, be the first in line. The follow-up moral is, people drown in lakes because they do stupid things. We can only hope they do this before reproducing, so it strengthens the gene pool. As far as encouraging non-swimmers to take life-threatening risks with swims they are not capable of, Lucky gives his full support, as long as they do it on Lake Hiawassee.

Yes, it remains hot at the lake swim, and Tom’s suggestion to build a bonfire to cool off after the swim is seriously considered. However, lucky has now responded to the question, “with the temperature so high, when will swimsuits become optional?”  “In the water, suits are always optional, but those who the carp have ever bitten know that this would be a terrible idea, especially if one grabbed your naughty bits, plus it would require a lot of explaining in the emergency room.”

We have some events coming up, which we hope everyone will participate in.

Saturday, September 11th, we will host the Race for inclusion, a Special Olympic event in which Lucky’s Lake swim is the site for the event.  Races for inclusion are being held all over the state, but there is only one swim race for inclusion in the entire world, and it is here.

Technically it is not a race; we are swimming one kilometer with several Special Olympians. There is no timing or awards, except if you sign up for the Lucky’s Lake Swimmers team and make any donation to Special Olympics Florida, you will get a nice patch (only if you complete the swim). Anyone that raises or donates more than $100 Special Olympics will send them a nice race for inclusion T-Shirt.  Can you still swim on that Saturday if you don’t want to register for the Race for inclusion?  Absolutely.

We hope you will sign up for Lucky’s Lake Swimmer’s Team.  Here is the link to sign up.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Rowdy and Lucky 1.5 K swim on Oct 17th  Register Here.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Night Ops 5K Frogman Swim on Nov 6th Register Here.

We have one clarification on the no vaccine no swim rule currently in effect at Lucky’s Lake Swim.  If you have had covid and still have antibody titers, you fall under the “natural vaccination” category and can join us.  If you are not sure, ask your physician for guidance.  Do not ask Lucky, as he will only mumble something about the zombie animation virus and then try to slice a mole off you.

Join Team Lucky’s Lake Swimmers and support Florida Special Olympics! Join our team Here

Hydrilla the Carp Solution. If you ever wanted to understand why we have carp in the lake, this short video explains it all. Jay used this video in one of his many water management conferences presentations. Rotten Tomatoes rates this 95% Click on the hydrilla to view the video.

This is what you look like when you win a $1000 bet but nearly died doing it. You can read the details above.

One day Jay left the motor running on the pontoon boat “Saint Jacquie” not to be out done Shawn , last week, not only left the motor running but also didn’t tie it to the dock. This is what an abandoned pontoon boat looks like driving around the lake on its own. Neighbors were complaining to Lucky that he needs to tie up his boat it was coming over to their docks and trying to breed with their boats.  Apparently, Lucky’s boat is not purebred, and we may see a bunch of little pontoon jet ski boats skipping around on the lake later in the year.

Congratulation to Steve Wright’s entry into the 100K club (not the comedian – that Steve Wright thought Lucky’s Lake Swim was a Joke} Steve is holding up some extremely cool wood burning artwork of Randy Driggers. How Randy burned green into the wood is a trade secret. Ed Note. The writer who made the Steve Wright joke has been fired and executed.

Congrats to Denise Ward our newest 100 K club member. It only took her ten years to make it. She is now shooting for the 1000 K club. See you at the wall of Fame in 3011.

New Delta Variant Adjustment – No Vaccine No Swim and more . . .

The local hospitals are filling fast. This new delta variant of COVID is much more contagious than the original virus. There are more breakthrough cases now, but the good news for those vaccinated is that 99.5 percent of those that died were not vaccinated. Not so good news for the unvaccinated. We have always tried to be ahead of the Covid curve at the lake swim, so we are implementing a no vaccine no swim rule until the delta surge is in check. This is not political, so please don’t respond with your politics, right, left, or libertarian, why this is a good or bad idea, or why you have or haven’t got vaccinated. There are plenty of social media sites available to rant. Here are some answers to questions that may come up.

When does the no vaccine no swim rule start? Monday, July 26th. Saturday is your last chance to catch the delta variant at Lucky’s.
When does it end? You will have to check your magic eight ball for that answer.
Are you going to check vaccine cards? No, but we will do cavity searches if you request.
How do you know if someone has been vaccinated? This will be based on the honor system.
What if someone cheats and Lucky finds out? They will be banned from the swim forever, but we believe lake swimmers are honorable, except for Ron when counting his crossings.
What if someone has a medical condition that does not allow them to be vaccinated on doctors’ orders? They may swim, but they must be masked at all times except when in the water. I would also suggest a 2nd opinion.
Do we have to start wearing masks again at the lake swim? That is your choice. You may also wear a tie to the swim. Some consider both a fashion statement.
What is your definition of being vaccinated? Ten days after the first dose, we will let you swim, but you are not in any way fully protected.
The above response does not make sense to an intelligent individual such as myself. Yes, you are correct, and swimming across a Florida lake also doesn’t make sense for many educated people.
I don’t feel comfortable swimming with those that don’t wait four weeks after the second shot to swim. Great, don’t swim then.
Where can I contact you to list all the reasons I don’t want to get vaccinated. Read the first paragraph of this blog again ,and if you still have questions please go to this link

Now for the fun stuff.

Mike Tall makes the 1000K club!, and he then donates $1 for every kilometer he swam, for those whom grew up in Kentucky that would be $1000, to the Lake Cane Restoration Society. Mike then rejected, what Jay Madigan thought was a very good idea, of donating $1 for every yard he swam. Lucky was confused on the math, as ciphering that number would require more fingers and toes than he owns.  

Enrique Mercado gets a halo of yellow around his name for becoming the latest member of the 100K club. No, that 100 on his shirt was not photoshopped in. It is a sign, a powerful sign from above.

Save the date. Sept 11th 2021. Join us to help Special Olympics Florida. Details in two weeks.

Dan Grieb and the famous Chris Nikic who was the first person with Down’s Syndrome to complete an Ironman triathlon. Chris is training tor the world championships.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Lost artwork found. This is a drawing of all the hallucinations that Yuko experienced when setting her world record crossing at Lucky’s Lake Swim around 2010 (she did 82 definitely a hallucination worthy number of crossings) The artist was Ron MacDonald, Gate art, Wall of Fame art, Golden Mile medal art ect…


Saturday November 6th Sign up Now!

Yes, it’s about that time again. The Rowdy and Lucky 1.5K swim. October 10th.  Sign up here now!

Lucky’s Lake Swim Holiday hours – They have changed!!

I hope everyone has a great July 4th holiday. Here are the things you need to know if you plan to do a Lucky’s Lake Swim this weekend. We are back to mass starts. New swimmers are always welcome. Please remember you must wear a safer swimmer buoy for your 1st 25 crossings (even if you are wearing a wetsuit – if you are wearing a wetsuit in this heat, you are clinically insane and probably shouldn’t be swimming anyway.)

Fourth of July Holiday Swim Schedule

Friday, July 2nd, 7:45 am

Saturday, July 3rd, 7:45 am

Sunday, July 4th NO SWIM

Monday, July 5th, 7:45 am

There will not be a midnight swim this year. Lucky couldn’t find a movie scarier than last year’s pandemic. Maybe next year.


We had a nice turnout for memorial day. Maybe Jay will bring his flag again on 7:45 am Friday and Monday (No swim on Sunday July 4th). Lucky was upset that the flag in this photo was hiding his six pack.

Everything you wanted to know, which happened in the 2021 Golden Mile, but were afraid to ask.


Before we jump to a round-up of the Golden Mile®, a quick update on Lucky’s Lake Swim, we are back to mass starts at 6:30 am weekdays and 7:45 am on Saturdays. The only exception is for check-in volunteers that come in early to swim, so they can check-in first-timers. You may notice that there may be other swimmers on the course, but they start at different sites, not at Lucky’s. Also, masks are no longer required at the Lake Swim; indeed, it is acceptable to wear them, as some believe it is now a fashion statement for high society; for the rest of us, feel free to burn yours at the gate entrance.

The 2021 Golden Mile® was a huge success. We raised many thousands of dollars for the Lake Cane Restoration Society, and like Scrooge McDuck in his vault, we are still tallying the totals. $1500 was raised at the memorabilia table, and $1400 was confirmed for the silent auction. So, you can be sure you will see these appear in future Golden Miles®. 

To dispel some “Fake News” items. The “petting gator” from Gatorland did not get released into lake cane after the race. I can report he’s happily back with his brothers and sisters at Gatorland. If we released the gator shortly after the start, as Lucky requested, everyone’s times would have been a bit faster. Gene Augustin, who set the 90-year-old age group record with a time of 1 hour 11 minutes, would have been under one hour, Lucky said, “if he had just a bit of gator pressure.” We are checking to see if gators are considered an athletic enhancing drug, but we are still banning the use of them during the Golden Mile® competitions for the time being.  Race Results are Here

We had nineteen new age group course records set, and Carlie Rose broke her own open women’s course record with a time of 18:19.6. It was a 1-2 finish for the Rose family, with her sister Marin Rose scoring the silver in the open division. Rick Walker, winner of the gold medal in the men’s swimmer of the ages division, broke the men’s 70-74 record by over 20 minutes coming in at 22:20, and more amazingly, his post-race drug tests came back normal. The rumor that he drank 23 cups of espresso right before the start is still being investigated. You can check out all the course records here. And you can check out final results in age groups here and where you were ranked on our swimmer of the ages handicapping here.

Many thanks to Hamza Preure with for taking a lot of wonderful photos. I think they have images of about every competitor that participated in the race. You can check out the photos here.

So who were our gold medalists? Joshua Brown Open Men, Carlie Rose Open Women, Rick Walker-Swimmer of the Ages Men, and Cathy Shonkweiler Swimmer of the ages woman.

We also had a tie for second place in the men’s open division, with Jacob Hamlin and Nathaniel Chon having the same time. Those silver medals are 16 oz of pure silver, and we don’t have extras to give out for ties. Instead of doing the couch potato method of flipping a coin to decide who was the winner, we had a swim off, which went from the start to around the first buoy and back. It was a close race, but Hamlin ended up taking home the silver.

Lucky thanks to all the volunteers who made this race possible, and there were over 50, you have made this race into one of the most memorable in the open water swim community. Lucky would also like to give special thanks to the race director Jillian Wilkins, Jay Madigan, and Shawn Berg, who spent countless hours working to make this delightful event. In contrast, Lucky spent his days eating bonbons and sipping mint juleps during binge-watching sessions of old Perry Mason reruns.

Golden Mile for 2022 is Saturday, May 28th, so red letter that day on your calendars.

Golden Mile open and Swimmer of the Ages winners.

We had nine Special Olympians join us for the Golden Mile®

The Gator from Gatorland was a hit and will be entering the race next year once he’s a bit bigger.

Last day to register for the Golden Mile – plus how seven folks got their 25K white cap in one day!

Okay don’t feel bad if you haven’t registered, yet, for the Golden Mile®, because last night it was noticed that Lucky had not registered WTF.  Lucky’s entry has been resolved, but clearly he is in no position to chastise any of you that have waited until the final hours to register.  Yes folks, the race is tomorrow! Let’s get you registered. We have 260+ entries, so you won’t be swimming alone and the water temp is fantastic.

Register Now for the Golden Mile®

Seven swimmers received their 25K white cap on their first swim. Yes, you read that correctly. Four of the seven are shown here with Lucky. They are part of the TransAM Tri event, which includes a 31-mile swim, 3100-mile bike, and 310-mile run. Lucky hosted the swim part, and the triathletes swam 50K over the two-day period. Clearly, all these folks are certifiably insane, not Lucky; he’s insane, only not certified.


Virtual Golden Mile® versus The Golden Mile® what’s the difference?

Register for the Golden Mile® Here

There has been some confusion regarding the difference between the Virtual Golden Mile® and The Golden Mile®; we believe this confusion is due to a drug-induced haze associated with the executive event planning committee. We asked Lucky to explain the difference, as he is in charge of starting the virtual Golden Mile on Friday at 6 pm. Lucky’s response was, ” The Golden Mile is this weekend?!” Therefore we have decided to explain the differences below for Lucky and everyone else.
The first thing to keep in mind is that the Golden Mile®, whether it be the race on Saturday or the virtual swim on Friday at 6 pm, is a charity event. All the proceeds go to the Lake Cane Restoration Society (LCRS), a 501(c)3 charitable organization. This volunteer organization works hard year-round to keep the lake swimmable. The registration and cost are the same for either event; you can choose to do the race on Saturday or the fun swim on Friday at 6 pm. Some volunteers are doing the virtual swim so they can help the race on Saturday.

Virtual Swim of the Golden Mile®
The swim starts at 6 pm on Friday (pick up your swim packet with your racing cap at 5:45 pm). This is a mass start. No lifeguards. No timing system. No awards. You will get a survivor medallion, an official race T-shirt, and a swag backpack full of goodies when you finish.
For the virtual swim, you can wear fins, snorkel, wetsuit, pull buoy, outboard motor, etc. We ask everyone to wear a safe swim buoy for this event.

Real Golden Mile® Race starts at 8 am with a rolling start in groups based on fastest to slowest. No swim aids are allowed, but you can wear a safe swimmer buoy if you choose. Race packet (cap, timing chip, and race number marking) pickup starts at 6 am. Technical meeting for all participants at 7 am at the dock. The course will be open for warm-up from 7:00 am to 7:45 am. You will get a survivor medallion, an official race T-shirt, and a swag backpack full of goodies when you finish. There will be a breakfast after you are done swimming. Base Performance will have their sport’s drink available for all swimmers. There will be some vendors, so bring money. We do have a memorabilia table set up with great things for sale (all proceeds to LCRS). There will be silent auction tables (you can bid now online) set up with some excellent stuff (auction closes at 9 am). If you are fast, there are awards 1st thru 3rd in all age groups. If you are super fast, there are real gold and silver medals for the fastest swimmers and the swimmer of the ages divisions. There will be environmental displays, and Gatorland is bringing a “petting” gator.

It’s time to give back to the lake we all love swimming in!

If you have not signed up, please sign up now for the Golden Mile®

If you would like to volunteer, sign up now to volunteer

I think a good reason to sign up for the Golden Mile is well explained in Lucky’s note to Santa. It’s not too late to get your name on the list. Sign up for the Golden Mile® now! You will be happy you did come Christmas morning.

Thanks to Brian Parramore we will be going through the awards ceremony twice as fast this year. Imagine yourself on one of these two custom made award stands winning the gold, or you can imagine standing on the award stand taking a photo op and pretending to win the gold, which is the most likely scenario for most of us.

Doc Lucky Meisenheimer

Doc Lucky Meisenheimer

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