Hurricane swim times and more…

If you haven’t heard, there is a hurricane.  Therefore, being wise and prudent we are changing the Lucky’s Lake Swim times to 7:45am for Thursday and Friday. To be clear we do not recommend first timers doing a swim during a hurricane. We also don’t recommend swimmers in the 1000K club doing a swim during the hurricane or anyone else for that matter.

Many thanks to all those that participated or donated to the Special Olympics Swim for Inclusion.  We raised over $15,000 for Special Olympics open water swimming.

Lucky’s Lake Swimmers Team members that swam the event and raised funds as well as those that donated include:

Last Chance to sign up for The Swim for Inclusion this Saturday and more . . .

Swim for Inclusion this weekend – Saturday 9AM – At Lucky’s Lake Swim

Please join us with our annual open water swim with Florida’s Open Water Swimming Special Olympians.  Lucky’s Lake Swim is an official sponsor of Special Olympics Florida Open Water Swimming. This is Special Olympics largest fundraising event, and we would like as many Lucky’s Lake Swimmers as possible to join us as a team member.  This swim will start at 9Am right after the regular Saturday Morning Lucky’s Lake swim (7:45).

Here’s what you do to become a team member: (I know there was a computer glitch before that prevented some from signing up, but this has been fixed.)

Go to this Link:  Click HERE to become join the Lucky’s Lake swimmers team.

Try to raise or donate $100

If you raise or donate $100 or more and complete the one-kilometer swim you will get:

1. A swim for inclusion patch
2. Swim for inclusion T- shirt
3. A BBQ ticket for right after the swim.
4. A warm feeling in your heart
5. Your next 23 Lucky’s Lake Swims will be FREE! And you can bring a friend for free!

We will still have our normal Saturday Morning lake swim at 7:45 but feel free to do both.

This is a message from our sponsor of the Lucky’s Lake Swim Calendar. The best way we can have high quality drinking, fishing and swimming water is to protect our rivers, lakes and underground wells (did they mean to leave out ponds? Please no backlash from all the pond lovers out there I’m sure it was only a typo) . Keep them free from pollution all the time (in another words don’t pee in the lake, unless someone is drafting off you and you can’t shake them, then it’s okay) – it’s easier and less expensive to keep water safe and healthy by preventing problems. Protecting our water sources effectively reduces public health risks. Better health that costs less money? (Why is there a question mark after this statement? It gives me pause. Maybe better health costs more money. Yes, I have just confirmed this with 2 big pharmaceutical lobbyists, better health should cost lots of money, and they wouldn’t lie.) Two very compelling reasons to join LCRS in all that we do to support Lucky’s Lake Swim, Water Equation and the American Water Works Association in protecting plants, trees and animals that all thrive alongside clean water! #ProtecttheSource #SourceWaterProtectionWeek 

Please hashtag our sponsors and don’t mention any of the editorial comments. 

A big shout out to Chris Nikic who is off to Kona next week getting ready for the Ironman. Chris is the first athlete with Down’s Syndrome to complete an Ironman.  Chris BTW would like every Lucky’s Lake Swimmer to participate in the swim for inclusion as it gives Special Olympians an opportunity to enjoy open water swimming.  Chris has a book out (1% Better The Chris Nikic Story) now and he gives a nice shout out to Lucky’s Lake Swim.  You can purchase the book on his website   and if you bring the book to the lake swim I’m sure he would be happy to autograph it for you for a substantial fee .

If you did not know Source water protection week starts Sept 25th and ends Oct 1st. Please don’t pee in the lake during these dates. Also please use those hashtags listed above.



Join our Lucky’s Lake Swimmers Team the swim is Saturday 9AM. Details above. Sign Up Here.

Swim for Inclusion, Lake Swim loses a pioneer, LCRS gets an award, but where is the 500K cash and more…

Several significant events are coming up in the next few months at Lucky’s Lake Swim that you don’t want to miss unless you are an antisocial orc.  The first is the Swim for Inclusion for Special Olympics, which will take place on Saturday, September 24th at 9 am.  Participating in this event will give you extra credit points when someday, hopefully in the far, far future, you are trying to convince Saint Peter why you should pass through the pearly gates (ed. note: I can’t confirm this is actually the way it works).  Here is a short video explaining the event  or you can go directly to the website and sign up there  or you can join the Lucky’s Lake Swimmers Team HERE

Next is the Rowdy and Lucky 1.5K swim on October 16th you can register here

On October 22nd is the 8th annual Night Ops 5K swim for the Navy Seal Foundation

Some sad news we lost one of our Lake Swimming Pioneers, Victor Sirbu.  Many of you may know his daughter Danielle, an avid lake swimmer (aka stealer of Lucky’s turtles – she feeds them at Geno’s now).Victor was a fantastic individual; he was the first Olympian to sign Lucky’s Lake swim wall of fame (he was in the pentathlon in 1964 for Romania).  Victor also swam and played water polo competitively.  He was a fixture on the Team Orlando Masters swim team for decades.  Even though he lost a several-year battle with pancreatic cancer, he was always upbeat and continued to exercise at the Rosen Aquatic center, of which he was a big supporter.  RIP Victor.

Come join the fun and help out Special Olympics Open Water Swimming. Saturday Sept 24th 9 AM   sign up here


Victor passed a few days ago and was a legend in the local swim community. Lucky and Victor were friends for over 30 years. The Memorial Service is on Sept. 24, 2022, from 11:00 to 13:00 at the Winter Oak Funeral Home in Winter Garden, Fl.  This link will bring you to their website and Victor’s page.  

Kathleen accepts the award in behalf of the Lake Cane Restoration Society.  She did not mention the $500,000 cash prize that went along with the plaque.  She was seen partying on South Beach later into the wee hours of the morning. The Dr. Daniel E Canfield, Jr. Volunteerism award is given to a volunteer organization or outstanding volunteer for significant contributions to the research, restoration, and/or preservation of our water resources. The award is named after Dr. Daniel Canfield, founder of Florida Lakewatch, the pioneering citizen-volunteer water quality monitoring program involving over 1200 lakes statewide, and now being emulated across the United States.Florida Lake Management Society (FLMS “pronounced phlems” they might want to think about changing the pronunciation of the acronym) 

Okay, the plaque was nice Kathleen, but what about the 500K cash. Don’t deny it, we saw you at the Ferrari dealership looking around.




Upcoming events calendar at Lucky’s Lake Swim

Inflation, increasing taxes, the globe teetering on the brink of world war III, want a solution? Jump into a wetsuit and do three hard crossings of the lake, and your brain will be so fried that you will have no further worries. The temperature remains in the high eighties (even the brain-eating amoeba are complaining), but tons of swimmers are still showing up. It will be like this for the next 3-4 weeks, and then we will drop into the low 80s (perfect swimming weather); however, our numbers drop. Lucky calls this the perfect weather paradox.
Thanks to the volunteers that showed up for the native planting on Lake Cane and Lake Floy and those that helped in the ongoing wall of Fame restoration.

Here’s what’s coming up in the future at Lucky’s lake swim.

August 8 – Underwater hockey glove making night – 7pm (Almost all the UWH players on Orlando’s team are Lucky’s Lake swimmers, and have earned their place in heaven (full disclosure: Tom continues to challenge the veracity of this statement)
August 13 – Wall of Fame restoration, right after the Saturday swim. Even if you can give us 10-15 minutes after the swim that will be a big help.  We are restoring names that are fading. All you need to bring is a steady hand.
August 13 Silent Auction for Lake Cane Restoration Society ends. Check out the auction HERE.
August 27 – Wall of Fame restoration right after the swim
September 1 – Doc Lucky’s Yo-Yo Talk   9:30pm Live on Facebook, Twitch, TikTok and Youtube. We know everybody already watches, but Lucky begged us to add it to the calendar of events.
September 5 – Labor Day – Swim time starts at 7:45 AM
September 19 – National talk like a pirate day  (best to stay away from Lucky this day – if you don’t know why watch this video)
September 24 – Special Olympics Swim for Inclusion Day – Special Olympians from all over Florida will join us for Lucky’s Lake Swim
October 2 –  2pm – 4pm  Velma Daniels will be doing a book signing at Lucky’s.  She will be signing her biographies she wrote on Lucky, and on Don Duncan Sr. (of Duncan Yo-Yos). Free yo-yos and ice cream will be provided. Lucky will give a tour of his yo-yo collection.
October 16  Rowdy and Lucky 1.5K swim – REGISTER HERE
October 22 – 5K night ops swim for the Navy Seal Foundation – REGISTER HERE
November 10 – Lake Cane Restoration Society meeting 6:30 pm
November 12 & 13 – Charleston Underwater Hockey Tournament – Yes we are sending a team of Lucky’s Lake Swimmers
November 23 -26 – Thanksgiving Vacation – Swim times are 7:45 AM these days.
November 25 – 3rd annual Poker night at Lucky’s to benefit the Lake Cane Restoration Society
December 19 -24 Christmas break Swim times are 7:45am
December 25  Christmas Day – No swim
December 26 – 31 Christmas Break continues with swim times at 7:45 am
January 1st – New Years Day – Swim at 7:45 am.

Currently we have a test auction running for the Lake Cane Restoration Society.  Only a half dozen auction packages are up, but a couple of really not to miss items.  There are two universal studio tickets and Sara McCarty has a swimming stoke  session package  as well. Sara is the real deal. A former elite international swimmer and triathlete. Multiple NCAA All American and more importantly the first Gold medal winner in the swimmer of the Ages division for the Golden Mile®.  If you are trying to become a better open water swimmer don’t let this lesson package slip by. So check out the auction here.

Sara McCarty donated a series of stroke lessons for our silent auction. We are doing a small test auction before next year’s big auction at the Golden Mile®.  An elite Swimmer Sara was a silver medalist in the World games. Later went on to become a pro triathlete. Too many swimming and Tri awards to list without getting carpal tunnel syndrome from typing. Head coach of SLAP.  If you want to become better at open water swimming then jump on these lessons in the silent auction.

See the silent auction HERE.

History made at Lucky’s Lake Swim but now back to normal and more . . .

If you had swum this last week, you would have noticed a few more cars and big vans than usual in the front yard at Lucky’s Lake Swim.  And no, Lucky has not started renting out his yard for parking.  The parking overload was because the USA National Special Olympic games happened in Orlando, and two events were being hosted at Lucky’s Lake Swim, the stand-up paddle-boarding and, more near and dear to our hearts, the inaugural open water swim at the USA games.  Although we have had Special Olympics athletes swimming at Lucky’s lake swim for 20 years (apparently a well-kept secret), Special Olympics has finally caught up and recognized open water swimming as a sport.  So this race was a historical event.

Josh Olds from Miami (who finished 16th overall in the Golden Mile® two weeks ago) broke our 2000K club member, Gregg Dedic’s, Special Olympic course record by over 3 minutes.  It was an awe-inspiring time of 14:59.44, which is even more remarkable when you learn that he accidentally swam to the stand-up paddle-boarding finish line and had to swim another 50 meters over to the open water swim finish line.  Josh was so fast that we could not find a unified partner quick enough to keep up with him, and yes, he did that time while wearing a safe swimmer buoy.  After the swim, Rowdy and Lucky agreed to race Josh, but only if they could do it as relay and wear fins.

In the women’s division, Catherine Darrow from Colorado broke the Special Olympics 1K Course record of Orlando’s Lauren Bergquist by a phenomenal 7 minutes with a time of 21:16.32.

It was fun while it lasted.  Unfortunately, all that is left as a reminder of the historic event are a few tents and the fragrant aromas emanating from the remaining porta johns that have been basking for days in the Africa hot Florida sun.

We are returning to our regular summer schedule; the only exception will be on the 4th of July, when the swim time will be 7:45 AM.

Congratulations to Geno who finished his 2200 crossing today!  Not bad for a ninety-one year old.  When asked for some sage advice Geno reportedly said “I have lived nine decades  spending 98 percent of my money on wine, women and swimming, and I now  I have come to realize I wasted the other two percent.”

Josh Olds from Miami (standing between Rowdy and Lucky) made history on Wednesday when he won the inaugural open water swim during the USA National Special Olympics Games, which was hosted at Lucky’s Lake Swim.  Josh’s time for the 1K swim was 14:59.  He would have been faster had he not swam to the paddle-board finish line first. He should have never taken guidance advice from Lucky before the race. 

Here are the brave souls in the dynamic duo club for this year. To be a member you must swim Lucky’s Lake Swim, and the Beattie Lake Swim on the same day, and apparently identify as a boomer. My heartfelt apologies to those in the photo that don’t identify as a boomer.

Finally, we got the check from the Easter swim to the Edgewood children’s ranch. Jay said this check was lost, but he found it yesterday under the cushion of his sofa (Jay has a big sofa.) To clarify, Megan’s and Barb’s faces don’t normally look that red, but they recently returned from a tour of the Chernobyl reactor core, and forgot to wear their lead based sunscreen.


Strange goings on at Lucky’s Lake Swim this week and more …

You may notice a lot of activity going on at Lucky’s lake swim in the mornings this week because Lucky’s lake swim is hosting two different events for the USA Special Olympic Games. We are hosting the inaugural open water swim for the USA games, which is historic, and we are also hosting stand-up paddle boarding. You will see many vehicles, emergency units, tents, volunteers, etc. With all this going on, will we still have our daily swim? The answer is a definite yes, and the swim always goes on.

Special Olympics events will happen every morning this week, but our Lake Swim continues!

If you did not see our recap video of the 2022 Golden Mile®, the video link is here. We are pleased to find out we have reached 100 subscribers on our YouTube channel Lucky’s Lake Swim. If you are not a subscriber, please watch the video and subscribe. The more subscribers, the more YouTube promotes our videos.

USA Games for Special Olympics happening at Lucky’s Lake Swim this week. Stand-up paddle boarding and Open Water Swimming. The lake swim will still happen at 6:30 am.

2022 Doc Lucky’s Golden Mile® review

Wow! What an event!
300 swimmers were racing or, in some cases relaxing through the 2022 Golden Mile®. We had food, merchandise, yo-yo champs, gators, and snakes. If you didn’t attend, watch the summary video and see what you missed. We are already preparing for the 2023 4th Annual Doc Lucky’s Golden Mile®. All registered swimmers should have already received results by email.


Dont forget this coming Saturday is the 33rd annual Beattie Lake Swim. They promise even bigger gators than in lake Cane.



Golden Mile® is full BUT….. and Memorial Day Swim Times

The 2022 Golden Mile®, as predicted, capped out with 300 swimmers; however we still have a couple of race spots with timing chips available that a small number of the virtual swimmers have given up.  So, if you sign up before 7pm today we can get a few more swimmers squeezed in. Register Here Now

We can still use  more volunteers for the race tomorrow – sign up here

Memorial Day Weekend Lucky’s Lake Swim Schedule

Friday 5:30, PM Virtual Golden Mile®
Saturday Golden Mile®  Race Starts 7:45 AM  (There is no Lucky’s Lake Swim on Saturday)
Sundayno swim
Monday (Memorial Day)– Lake Swim starts at 7:45 AM

ATTENTION: if you can carpool, ride a bike, or walk to the Golden Mile® that will really help us with the tight parking.

A sad goodbye to our greeting dog Snickers and only one slot left in the Golden Mile®

Sadly, Snickers (AKA snicks, snickerdoodle), the dog who happily greeted swimmers to Lucky’s Lake Swim for the last 12 1/2 years, peacefully passed yesterday. Her legs gave out, and even with modern medicines, we couldn’t get back on her feet. However, she was with family until the end, and her cross-over was serene. Luna indicates that she will step up and continue to start the daily swims and act as a greeter. RIP Snicks.

Rowdy Gaines has been our announcer for the first two Golden Miles and was to announce this one; he got diagnosed with COVID today, so he will miss this year’s event. He says he is doing well with only flu-like symptoms and regrets missing the race—prayers to Rowdy for a speedy recovery.

There is only one entry slot left for swimming in the 2022 Golden Mille®. If your reaction to this news is OMG, I was going to register later today or tomorrow. Then stop reading this post and go to registration and type fast because somebody else out there is doing the same. The race is capped at 300, and we will have no more entries after this last spot has been snatched up. The race is stacking up to be a great event with a fantastic goodies backpack stuffed with swag for all swimmers. Everyone that completes the swim will receive a 2022 Golden Mile® survivor medallion and an exceptional breakfast after the event. In addition, 8 Time Filipino National Yo-Yo Champ Sean Perez will show everyone how to throw a yo-yo and run an impromptu yo-yo contest with prizes (yes, everyone gets two yo-yos in their swag backpack.) Speaking of awards, we have actual gold medals for the overall winners and real silver medals for the runners-up. All age groups will have medals 1st through 3rd, and if you happen to set the course record, you will go home with $1500.00 cash!!!

Only one entry slot left register now

Not swimming but what to help out? Please register to volunteer – your reward will be in heaven.

Volunteers register here.

No regular Lake Swim on Saturday.  Nobody allowed to swim in the event without a timing chip.

Only one entry slot left in the event as this is being posted. If you are a procrastinator this is your final wake up call. This slot will go quick! Sign up now!

RIP Snickers. She was a good, friendly dog. Snickers was famous for a day when she and her boy Max won the Orlando Sentinel dog/owner look a like contest. Snicks you will be missed.

Only 15 slots left open for The Golden Mile® and more…

The third annual Golden Mile® in only 4 days away on Saturday the last few slots (only 15 left as I am typing this)  are going to be gone quickly so sign up now. We cap out at 300. We only have 300 timing chips so you are out if you are not in the 300.

No Lucky’s Lake Swim on Saturday.  You can’t just slip in and swim during the event.  We will be checking timing chips for everyone entering the water. No chip – no entry on Saturday.

Register Now

Virtual Swim
Since all the proceeds from the event go to charity we encourage folks that cannot attend on Saturday (and many of the volunteers participate in this way) to register and then do the virtual Golden Mile® on Friday at 5:30. There is no timing or finish awards, but you do get all the great SWAG and the survivor medallion. Out of the state or the country you can do a virtual Golden Mile® where you live and you will get all the SWAG but not the survivor medallion. In the virtual swim you can use floatation (pull bouys, wetsuits) fins, snorkels, hand paddles.

Register Now

We still need a few more volunteers

Sign up to Volunteer Here


Thanks to volunteers packing 300 Swag backpacks for the Golden Mile®  The Golden Mile® is this Saturday May 28th only 15 slots left. Sign Up Now

Tents are up for the Golden Mile®


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