Virtual Golden Mile® versus The Golden Mile® what’s the difference?

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There has been some confusion regarding the difference between the Virtual Golden Mile® and The Golden Mile®; we believe this confusion is due to a drug-induced haze associated with the executive event planning committee. We asked Lucky to explain the difference, as he is in charge of starting the virtual Golden Mile on Friday at 6 pm. Lucky’s response was, ” The Golden Mile is this weekend?!” Therefore we have decided to explain the differences below for Lucky and everyone else.
The first thing to keep in mind is that the Golden Mile®, whether it be the race on Saturday or the virtual swim on Friday at 6 pm, is a charity event. All the proceeds go to the Lake Cane Restoration Society (LCRS), a 501(c)3 charitable organization. This volunteer organization works hard year-round to keep the lake swimmable. The registration and cost are the same for either event; you can choose to do the race on Saturday or the fun swim on Friday at 6 pm. Some volunteers are doing the virtual swim so they can help the race on Saturday.

Virtual Swim of the Golden Mile®
The swim starts at 6 pm on Friday (pick up your swim packet with your racing cap at 5:45 pm). This is a mass start. No lifeguards. No timing system. No awards. You will get a survivor medallion, an official race T-shirt, and a swag backpack full of goodies when you finish.
For the virtual swim, you can wear fins, snorkel, wetsuit, pull buoy, outboard motor, etc. We ask everyone to wear a safe swim buoy for this event.

Real Golden Mile® Race starts at 8 am with a rolling start in groups based on fastest to slowest. No swim aids are allowed, but you can wear a safe swimmer buoy if you choose. Race packet (cap, timing chip, and race number marking) pickup starts at 6 am. Technical meeting for all participants at 7 am at the dock. The course will be open for warm-up from 7:00 am to 7:45 am. You will get a survivor medallion, an official race T-shirt, and a swag backpack full of goodies when you finish. There will be a breakfast after you are done swimming. Base Performance will have their sport’s drink available for all swimmers. There will be some vendors, so bring money. We do have a memorabilia table set up with great things for sale (all proceeds to LCRS). There will be silent auction tables (you can bid now online) set up with some excellent stuff (auction closes at 9 am). If you are fast, there are awards 1st thru 3rd in all age groups. If you are super fast, there are real gold and silver medals for the fastest swimmers and the swimmer of the ages divisions. There will be environmental displays, and Gatorland is bringing a “petting” gator.

It’s time to give back to the lake we all love swimming in!

If you have not signed up, please sign up now for the Golden Mile®

If you would like to volunteer, sign up now to volunteer

I think a good reason to sign up for the Golden Mile is well explained in Lucky’s note to Santa. It’s not too late to get your name on the list. Sign up for the Golden Mile® now! You will be happy you did come Christmas morning.

Thanks to Brian Parramore we will be going through the awards ceremony twice as fast this year. Imagine yourself on one of these two custom made award stands winning the gold, or you can imagine standing on the award stand taking a photo op and pretending to win the gold, which is the most likely scenario for most of us.

Lake Swim Memorial Day Holiday Schedule, Golden Mile last chance to register, Golden Mile Records and more. . .

If you have not registered for the Golden Mile® you should have by now only 4 days left here is the link Please register now 

Please keep in mind that this is a charity event. The proceeds from the event all go to the Lake Cane Restoration Society which is a 501(c)3 charity.

We need more volunteers for the Golden Mile® you can sign up here. Golden Mile® Volunteer registration
Please check out our Golden Mile Silent Auction

Memorial day Schedule

Friday 6:30 am regular Lucky’s Lake swim
Friday 6PM virtual Golden Mile®  We have a mass start at 6pm, there will be no timing, no lifeguards, you may use pull buoys, fins, snorkels, wetsuits etc. You will get your T-shirt, Swag bag, survivor medallion (if you live to finish).
Saturday GOLDEN MILE® (no regular  Lucky’s Lake Swim today) Race starts at 8 AM  for more race information 
Sunday -No Swim
Monday Memorial Day- Lucky’s Lake Swim at 7:45am

Volunteers loading the swag bags (which are backpacks – so cool) In addition to the swag you get a t-shirt, breakfast, survivor medallion (if you live) and a shot at age group medals and of course real gold and silver medals.

Chad and Abigail with Lucky. They are some of the Special Olympians that will be competing in the Golden Mile® on Saturday.  You should register now and join them.

Register for the Golden Mile® Here

                       Current Golden Mile Records

11 Days until the Golden Mile®, virtual Golden Mile®, and more…

You only have 12 days until the Golden Mile®, so if you haven’t registered yet, get a cracking. The Golden Mile® is the only fundraiser for the Lake Cane Restoration Society (LCRS), a 501c3 charitable organization. All the proceeds from the Golden Mile go to LCRS, not to the Lucky Meisenheimer vacation fund as previously requested by Lucky. Register for the Golden Mile Click Here

Want to help out but can’t swim on the 29th? We have several great options.

1.Register but swim on Friday the 28th at 6 pm in our virtual Golden Mile. You get all the Swag, T-shirt, and survivor medallion, and you can wear fins, snorkels, pull buoys, wetsuits, etc., unlike in the official race. You are not eligible for medals, and there will be no timing.

2.Volunteer, we need lots of volunteers; please see our sign-up form.

3.Register and give your slot away to one of our Cognitive Disabled Athletes.

4.Register and donate your entry to the LCRS. We will give you the swag bag and T-shirt, but you can’t get the survivor medallion unless you swim or make a substantial bribe.


Many thanks to the Scotty Foundation for their generous donation of $5000 to LCRS/The Golden Mile®. Shown are Scotty and some hooligans who are photobombing what should have been a nice photo op. For more about the Golden Mile® Click Here

Congratulations to Jay Madigan for being selected Steak on the lake person of the year. Jay is shown here with his award, a tomahawk steak. He did eat it in one sitting, which is probably some record. We know that his LDL cholesterol level topped 1000 is a personal record for Jay and will eventually turn into some car payments for his future cardiac surgeon.

We are back to our pre-covid routine at Lucky’s Lake Swim. Masks are no longer required, and we are back to mass starts 6:30 am Monday thru Friday and 7:45 am on Saturdays. The lake was packed on Saturday, with swimmers getting ready for the Golden Mile®. Make sure you register today.

We have thousands of dollars worth of silent auction items donated. If you or your business would like to donate items, we must have them by Friday.

In next year’s golden mile, we are happy to say that our cognitively disabled division is going to be changed to an official Special Olympics event in preparation for the Special Olympics USA Games to be held the following month in June of 2022. The 2020 USA Games will be the first time an open water swimming Special Olympics event will be contested at a USA Games, and Lucky’s Lake Swim will be the host site.

Many thanks to Brian Parramore and his superhero welding skills. Brian made another award stand for the Golden Mile®. We now have two, so the award ceremony will go much faster. Regardless of what Lucky says about Brian, he is a great guy.

Cox TV to film at Lucky’s Lake Swim Saturday Morning and more…

Cox TV will be filming tomorrow at Lucky’s Lake Swim for a surprise announcement about one of our swimmers. I can’t say what it’s about or who the swimmer is because the person does read this newsletter, and it is a surprise to them. We hope you all show up for a great swim tomorrow; the water is perfect at about 82 degrees. And, of course, we want to give support to our friend that is being recognized by the media. We will have a mass start at 7:45 am. Masks are currently optional at the lake swim.


If you have not signed up yet for the Golden Mile®, you need to get cracking. There are only 21 days left until the event. The Golden Mile® is the only fundraiser we do for the Lake Cane Restoration Society. This is the great backpack all the swimmers will receive at the event along with other goodies. You can sign up here now.  REGISTER

It is time to harass your swimming buddies to remind them to sign up. Please use your social media to get the message out.  

If you or your business wants to donate something for the silent auction at the Golden Mile®, please let Lucky know before next Friday as that is the last day for auction donations.  Here is a yo-yo basket which is one of the many items that will be auctioned off. Always remember you can never have too many yo-yos.




Last day to Register for the Golden Mile® at earlybird prices.

Only 28 days until the race. Take 5 minutes right now and register. We have 4000 folks in the Lucky’s Lake Swim Group page we need only a little over 7% to sign up to fill the event.

Last day for cheap early bird entry for the Golden Mile.

Sign Up Now

Here are some reasons to sign up for the Golden Mile.

  1. It makes Lucky very happy to see your name on the sign-up list, and he forwards this list to Santa each year for names to be added to the good boy and girl list.
  2. This is the only fundraiser we do for the Lake Cane Restoration Society (LCRS) each year. If you are not aware all the proceeds go to LCRS which is a charitable 501c3 corporation and LCRS takes on the ginormous task of working to keep the lake swimmable.
  3. You could win a real gold medal or silver medal.
  4. Everyone gets a breakfast, t-shirt and goody bag.
  5. Awards for the top three in each age group.
  6. Survivor medallions for everyone that finishes the race.
  7. An opportunity to set an age group course record.
  8. A cleansing of all past and future sins. (This has not been verified yet, but Snopes says is true. Last statement not verified by Snopes.)


Sign up today. Like, right now, while you are thinking about it.



It’s not just about the hardware. It’s about getting to post on social media that you are participating, validating that you are a cool person and worthy of others respect.  No entry, no respect in you future life.  Prove to others your life has meaning, sign up now


April update, The Golden Mile®, Goodbye Masks and more.

Here are the talking points from this April update.\

Golden mile®, Golden mile®, Golden mile®

Prices go up May 1st register now.
To register, go to and click on the registration button.
Remember all the proceeds from the Golden Mile®; this is how you can help keep the lake clean and swimmable. Do your part register for the Golden Mile®. There are many evil and bad people out there, and then there are those that register to swim the Golden Mile.

We are now taking donations for a silent auction to be held at the Golden Mile®. If you or your company can donate something to this auction, please let us know. We don’t need a ten-year collection of fingernail clippings or other similar items; thanks for the offer, Lucky.

If you are interested in having something donated for the goodie bag, we are looking for more items to make the swag bag unforgettable. Thanks to our already many sponsors. We have a base performance BASE Performance is proud to partner with the famous Lucky’s Lake Swim for 2021 and to provide best-in-class nutrition for all of the swimmers. Good luck on your event, have a blast!”, polite pig, Neutrogena, CCI engineering, sentry water equations, the Rosen Aquatic Center, Ron Jon, and more signing up by the day, we should have great goodie bags for you. Don’t miss out. Sign up now. You might win a real gold medal.

We are now removing the mask mandate from our swim as of Monday, May 3rd. (keep your eyes open for our mask burning later this year). Does this mean you can’t wear a mask at Lucky’s Lake Swim? No, you can wear a mask everywhere you go from now on to the end of time. If you feel uncomfortable around folks not wearing masks, it is your choice to be here. I would ask those who are not wearing masks to be considerate and social distance from those that still feel the need to wear masks and social distance. The bathrooms, hot tub, and showers are now open.   

Yes we had Peep smores on Easter. Eat Pray Swim was a giant success we had about 150 show up, which ain’t bad during a pandemic. It was a little on the cool side, but we still had about 50 to 60 swimmers take the plunge. More great news is that we raised about 3000 dollars for the children’s ranch, which is amazing. Thanks to everyone who was a volunteer and worked tirelessly as volunteers to make the event happen.

The lake cane restoration society has been doing a bang-up job on water testing, and it is going well, the drug testing in the group, not so good., We want to thank all the volunteers for their time and energy they have been putting into the testing. 

A few of you may remember a couple of years ago doing the native beneficial planting we did. It is now paying off; we have duck potato plants really taking off on the lake edge, and we also see several lizard tails and rushes. These are all native plants to Florida lakes and essential to the lake biosphere. We are still waiting for the cannabis to take off.


The Rosen aquatic center is now open, and I encourage you to join. The fees are about 1/2 of what they were at the YMCA, and the facility remains a charitable organization. Not a business owned by Harris Rosen it is operated by his charitable foundation working hard for our community to keep aquatic programs available to everyone. One of the best ways you can help aquatics in central Florida is to become a member of the Rosen Aquatic Center. If you don’t like aquatics, one of the best ways to help us is to move to New York.

Are these guys the last to leave a bar at 2 AM ?  No, it’s lake swimmers finishing playing underwater hockey. Clearly, not an intimidating group. Come join us. We are playing at 7:00 pm on Monday & Wednesday nights, no experience is required. We would love to have you come out and try out underwater hockey; this is an excellent time to join because most of our players are out of shape and everybody will be in the same boat. So, come check out the remodeled Rosen Aquatic Center it looks better than it has in two decades.



Easter Eat-Pray-Swim Tomorrow! Two New Records set and more…

Yes, the Easter Eat-Pray-Swim is on for tomorrow morning. The water temp should be in the low 70s, and the morning should be cool but pleasant. I perfect set up for the sunrise sermon at 7:12 by Tom Welch. We will have breakfast as well. Masks are still in vogue. We have had a ton of volunteers working on making this an excellent experience; don’t miss out!

We had about 50 swimmers today, and included in that group were some speedsters.  Two records fell, including True Sweeter’s 17-18 record which was the second fastest swim in the lake.  Josh Brown broke the 11:35.5 record by a mere .5 seconds making him the second fastest swimmer just behind True’s record time of 11:17.0 set when he was 22.  Congratulations to Josh.  Josh will be gunning for that gold medal in the Golden Mile® May 29th. Jordan Agliano also has her name on the record board twice now.  She currently holds the 11-12 record for women and she just broke the 15-16  record which was held by Alix Roy (12:47) by swimming a blistering 12:43.  Congratulations to Jordan.

Volunteers get last minute advice from preacher Tom on the size of pebbles to hurl at Lucky if he starts to dose during the sermon.

There will be a bonfire prior to the sermon to keep us warm and to make PEEP smores. Lucky would consider it a personal favor if everyone would eat two. We will tell you why later and please post your eating the PEEP smores on our facebook page.

The first hundred Easter swimmers will get a silicone race cap donated by Raebabes. Thanks Raebabes for the nice donation ,as well, to the Children’s Ranch.

The first Easter swimmer to arrive and make a $50 donation, which goes to the Edgewood Children’s Ranch, will get to take home this nice Easter wreath made by Audrey Carter, as well as, a Lucky’s Lake Swim apron, and a 2020 golden mile race cap. WOW!

Congratulations to some of the Lake Highland swimmers who swam today. There were two records broken Josh Brown set the 17-18 record with a time of 11:35.0 (the second fastest time ever swam at Lucky’s Lake Swim)  and Jordan Agliano set the 15-16 record for women with a time of 12:43.0


Our March update for Lucky’s Lake Swim

Check out the video.

In this update.

Water temp is 76 degrees.

We are back to normal start times 6:30 am Mon-Friday  7:45 am Saturday.  First time swimmers welcome all days now.

The Rosen Aquatic Center opens April 5th.

Safer Swimmer buoys are required for the first 25 crossings whether you wear a wetsuit or not!

Volunteer for the Easter (Eat – Pray – Swim)  Service starts at sunrise 7:12 AM

Register for the Golden Mile®  or sign up to volunteer at the Golden Mile®

and more… watch the video.

Geno turns 90, The Aquatic Center is opening, Rare, once in a Lifetime sighting and more..

Hello spring and goodbye COVID-19

Gene Augustine turned 90 on Saturday, and, of course, he swam the Lake. Nobody thought to time him for his swim; they were too busy blowing up 90 balloons and trying to fit 90 candles on the cake. So, still no record for the 90- to 95-year-old age group. Geno has to do it again to get the record. When he ages up at 95, I hope folks remember to time him when he does his birthday swim; there is a valuable lesson in here somewhere.

The Aquatic Center needs your help!!
The great news is that the Aquatic Center has reopened as the Rosen Aquatic Center. As you may or may not be aware, due to COVID-19, The YMCA of Central Florida had to abandon the YMCA Aquatic Center. The permanent closing, of course, was a severe blow to the Central Florida Aquatics community. The prospects for reopening the Aquatic Center looked bleak, and it has been a year since the Y shuttered its doors. Fortunately for Central Florida, the Harris Rosen foundation stepped in for the save. Taking over responsibility for the Aquatic Center is a tremendously risky undertaking for the Foundation as no money is flowing in and won’t be for the near future. The Rosen team has done a fantastic job fixing the center up, and it looks the best it has in decades. In March, there will be a soft opening with four large swimming meets each week, and then the plan in April is to open it back up to the community. The first swimming meet is the Florida Age Group Swimming Championships; it is scheduled from Thursday through the weekend. With the new reopening, they are in desperate need of timers to help with this first event; if you have any time available this weekend, you would be a superstar to volunteer for a timing slot (and tell them you are a Lucky’s Lake Swimmer). Volunteer Here

Geno completes his 90 birthday swim wearing a smoking vest, or at least that’s what I am told. Next week Geno will have to swim again to get the 90-94 record, because nobody bothered to time him. His response was he estimated it took about 10 minutes to do the 1K crossing.  However, time seems to go much faster when you are 90, so we will have to see about that next week, or perhaps tomorrow, as that may seem to be next week for Geno.


The Rosen Aquatic Center is reopening for the first time in a year and the center needs your help. We need volunteers for this weekend’s opening swim meet. Please Volunteer.  

Technically the event should be called Pray, swim, eat, but the other way has a better ring to it.

Our testing team at work. Great news! No heroin or cocaine was detected and only small amounts of cannabis, which may be explained by Geno’s rumored “special garden” near the shoreline. He may be 90, but he still likes to party, and the carp love it too. For this three hour testing tour we thank Jay, Kathleen, Bradley “the intern”, Les “The Movie Star” not shown but also starring on the boat was Shawn “Gilligan” Grandpa M “The Professor” and Lucky “The Skipper”.  It has been 4 days since they were last seen on their 3 hour testing tour. Based on “The Skipper’s” swimming navigational skills they are likely beached on a small island in the pacific. 

What is a rarer sighting than Big Foot or a Yeti? Well, you can see it here, documented and certified, definitely not photoshopped.  This is a photograph capturing Lucky running. He is the one being passed.  Unbelievable you are thinking, but it’s true. This is amazing, it’s like letting the press in Area 51 and showing them all the alien bodies. I have heard from a good source that this will never be seen again, and most likely the blog will be cancelled and deleted. Winston Smith is currently rewriting the history of this sighting, so in a few weeks it will be like it never happened. Only a wisp of a rumor will remain.

We are on for events this year at Lucky’s Lake Swim

Happy Super Bowl Sunday and National Serpent Day to everyone.

Great news! We are on for our major swimming events this year.  We are going to continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely (except for Lucky, who has had both vaccines and is back to nightly raves, and he has reopened his kissing booth at the county fair – the booth was struggling even before COVID-19). With all the vaccinations and a bigger and bigger percentage of the population already having had COVID-19, we feel that we can safely open up our regular charity events this year. Depending on when the event is scheduled will determine if we still have some safety constraints in place. (to be clear, chastity belts were never a safety precaution here at the lake, we would like to thank Jay for all his excellent contributions to lake swimming safety, but that one was a bit of an overreach). Participating is a personal choice, do not feel pressured to join an event if you think you are at high risk.  If you decide to participate, please don’t whine that we are not providing viral proof body armor or Plexiglas separators.  If you plan on keeping hunkered down until the eradication of Covid-19 is complete, then we look forward to seeing you again sometime in the 22nd century.

We are completely back to our PreCOVID-19 daily swim schedule, except that first-time swimmers are asked to come on Saturdays.  Current daily swimming times are Monday thru Friday @ 6:30 AM and Saturdays at 7:45 AM. The hot tub is open to folks that have had both vaccines, have had COVID 19 already, and those that wish to die from COVID19.

Don’t forget this Thursday is our Lake Cane Restoration Society meeting. There will be dancing girls and guys, fantastic desserts, free drugs, alcohol, gambling and bitcoin giveaways for those that attend the physical event. All of  these amenities will not be available at the zoom meeting at 6:30pm. For those that wish to sign up for the physical event please sign up here.

Please watch the below video, and it will tell you all about the 2021 Golden Mile Swim on May 29th, 2021.  Or you can skip the video and go straight to registration (my personal choice).

Real-time water temperatures in the lake are now back up and running on the website (which may explain lake swimmers’ recent low turnouts). These low temps are an opportunity to join the swim at or below your age temperature club.  To be a club member, you swim in a water temperature that is at or below your age (no wet suit).  Club admission is pretty easy if you are Geno and turning 90 this month. However, Jay and Tom did it this week, with the water temp being at 59. Currently, we believe that Lucky holds the coldest record with swimming at 55 degrees when he was age 55. However, with Lucky swimming in the WimpyX pool, he will have to wait until he turns 88 to rejoin the club.

Nothing like feeling frosty crunchy grass under your bare feet before a swim. Makes the water feel warmer even if the lake temp is 59.

Technically the event should be called Pray, swim, eat, but the other way has a better ring to it.

Doc Lucky Meisenheimer

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