Fourth of July swim time

July 4th swim is at 7:45 AM.  There is no midnight swim this year.  The midnight swim is being replaced by the Zombie Cause Night Swim to be held at 8pm on October 14th.  More on that swim, and the registration in future blog posts. Everyone have a wonderful 4th.

We have been asked if at the temperature of 87 degrees is Lucky’s Lake Swim wetsuit legal. Yes it is, and it may also be wetsuit lethal, you decide.

Save the date. The inaugural Zombie Cause® Swim. 8pm Oct 14th. Swim in the dark. We start with one zombie in the water. How many will be zombified and how many survive the 1K swim? Not a timed race, a stealth survival swim. More details to follow.  200 swimmer limit.

Please don’t park your vehicles in Lucky’s backyard. The towing company has been called, however this particular vehicle requires a special Hasbro tow truck, so you know that’s going to get expensive.

Golden Mile Saturday! Beattie Lake Swim June 3rd and more

Still not too late to sign up for the Golden Mile®, but time is rapidly running out (sign up here).  There is a virtual swim option too so please take part. Yes, it’s this Saturday!!!!

Volunteers Sign up Here 


Do you find you have never been invited to the academy awards or any presidential inauguration? Never fear, you are invited to the Golden Mile® and we all know that surviving the Golden Mile® is double the achievement of attending those two events combined. So, you have a choice, sit by the mailbox and wait for that academy awards invite that will never come, or sign up for the Golden Mile® and dine with the gods in Valhalla when your time comes.  I choose to dine with the gods.  Sign up here for the Golden Mile and immortality. 

The Jack Beattie Memorial Lake swim and pancake breakfast  is Saturday, June 3rd this year. The swim is aways a blast. Swim starts at 10:30 AM,  561 Via Lugano. Carrot Top, Lucky and Jack Beattie at one of Jack’s annual lake/swim pancake breakfasts.

The Lake Cane Restoration Society silent auction is going on now, however there was one error. The yo-yo basket was listed as a value of $95.  iI should have been listed as priceless. Check out all the auction items here.


A dad’s got to brag a bit. This was John VII at 8 years old signing the wall of fame . Thursday he graduated from USF med school with many honors, and became a married man two weeks before. Now if I could just get him to swim the lake again.

Golden Mile® ! Golden Mile® Golden Mile® one week away!!!!

Water temp is 81 degrees.  It’s time to register for the Golden Mile® it’s only one week away!!!!    For more information about the Golden Mile Click HERE.

Swimming the Golden Mile® for charity is a fantastic way to challenge yourself physically while positively impacting the world. Here are six reasons why swimming the Golden Mile® for charity is a great choice:

  1. Personal Achievement: Swimming the Golden Mile® is a significant accomplishment in itself. Your reward is being alive at the finish and receiving a really swell survivor medallion.
  2. Raising Awareness: Participating in this charity swim helps raise awareness about the Lake Cane Restoration Society, to which all the proceeds go. As you share your journey with family, friends, and the community, they will think you are insane, but it still raises awareness. 
  3. Pushing Your Limits: Swimming a mile is no small feat, requiring dedication, discipline, and mental toughness. By challenging yourself to swim the Golden Mile®, you’ll push your physical and mental limits, proving that you can accomplish remarkable things when you set your mind to it. Plus, it’s more fun than mowing the lawn or weeding, which you would likely be doing if you were not at the swim.
  4. Connecting with Nature: Swimming in open water can be a serene and meditative experience, allowing you to find peace and tranquility. This sereness is to be balanced with absolute terror should the lake cane monster decide to swallow you whole.
  5. Overcoming Fears: Open-water swimming can be intimidating for some very odd people. Taking part in the Golden Mile® for charity allows you to conquer fears or anxieties about swimming in natural bodies of water. Overcoming this challenge can empower and boost your self-confidence, so what if you don’t: nothing ventured, nothing gained. 
  6. Lasting Memories: Swimming the Golden Mile® will create lasting memories you’ll cherish for years, some of them, hopefully, most of them good. The sense of accomplishment, the people you meet, and the impact you make will be a source of pride and joy as you reflect on your experience in the future unless you get PTSD.

Remember, when choosing to swim the Golden Mile® for charity, ensure you have the necessary training to undertake the swim successfully; plus, our water safety volunteers are lazy and don’t want to expend the effort to drag you out of the water.

Here are five acceptable reasons that Lucky will not argue with for not swimming the Golden Mile®

  1. You have recently been diagnosed with the Ebola virus.
  2. You never learned to swim, and you get aquagenic urticaria.
  3. You are over 8cm dilated, and the contractions are strong and 30 seconds apart, one minute before race time.
  4. You are celebrating your 100th birthday (please weigh this with the fact that this Golden Mile® record is still unclaimed.)
  5. You are in jail, being held without bond.

There you have it. Everyone else should be signed up already. If you are a procrastinator, please sign up now.

I want to register for the Golden Mile® Because I am a good person, and I don’t want everyone giving me the Stink Eye. Register Here Now



More Lake Swim records broken, Humongous Estate Sale and more…

Well, open water swimming season has undoubtedly begun.  We had over 160 swimmers last Saturday, and just when you think the lake swim records can’t get any faster three more are broken.
Congratulations to Sara McLarty, who broke the 40-44 record with a time of 13:21.4. Not only does she hold the record for three different age groups, her time is faster than her two previous younger age group records. I’ll have some of whatever she’s drinking.
The men’s 15-16 record which had been broken only a week before, was lowered again to 11:23.3 by local superstar Ryan Erisman. Ryan swam the 3rd fastest time recorded for the lake swim setting his age group record.  Lilliana Krstolic, who already holds the 10 and under women’s record returned to break the 13-14 age group record with a time of 12:51.8, which I might add that this is faster than the boys 13-14 record.

Lucky’s father passed early this year, and Lucky is having a giant estate sale not only is it including a lifetime of his father’s stuff, but Lucky is getting rid of all his collectibles as well (not his yo-yos he hasn’t gone crazy).  In addition to the household goods and furnishings, there are many antiques, tools, Toys, Comic books (gold and silver age), Baseball cards from the 60’s, Star Wars collectibles, Star Trek, Stamps, old records, muzzleloading rifles, original Nightmare before Xmas on cards, Olympic pins, musical instruments including a drum set, two pianos, antique music sheets and more items too many to mention.  The sale starts Friday from 9am-2pm, Saturday 9am-2pm, Sunday 9am-2pm  The estate sale is at 7478 Lake Marsha Drive
Orlando, FL 32819
  (This is not at Lucky’s House)  Come early as it will be a feeding frenzy. For Photos of estate sale items  click Here

The Easter Eat-Pray-Swim was a huge success, as always.  Thanks to preacher Tom for his wonderful sermon (Tom would like to apologize for forgetting to make a call to the man upstairs requesting a beautiful sunrise) and the countless volunteers who made the event possible.  Many congratulations to Mi Hoshino for being the 2023 Wendy May Andrew award winner for volunteerism. A well-deserved honor.  And for those who never volunteer but would like to be considered for the award, the nominating committee accepts bribes until the end of the year (cryptocurrency only, please).

Just a small sampling of some of the cool collectibles at Lucky’s father’s estate sale  For Photos of more estate sale items  click Here  The sale start tomorrow (Friday at 9am) The estate sale is not at Lucky’s House it is at his father’s house 7478 Lake Marsha Drive
Orlando, FL 32819
The sale goes through the weekend. Prices are dropped every day.

Famous lake swimmer returns on Easter. Although the famous swimmer digger the dog did not swim, Ron drank three coffees and counted that as three crossings for himself.

Mi Hoshino (foreground) was awarded the Wendy May Andrew award for volunteerism. Many thanks to all the volunteers that made Eat-Pray-Swim happen.  This is what happens at 5:30 AM the day of the Easter swim when everyone else is asleep. At 5am we provided I.V. coffee for all the volunteers.

Eat Pray Swim this Sunday!!!!

Eat-Pray-Swim this Sunday 7:07AM  Bring your own chairs or blankets to sit on.  You don’t have to swim to take part.  Family and friends are welcome.

Okay, okay, it should be called Pray-Swim-Eat; we don’t call school recess “Recess School.” It gives the wrong impression. So, for all the folks with Sheldon Cooper-like tendencies, who have pointed out the misplaced word order, we agree, you are correct. However, we have no plans to change the name. I realize this may require an extra dose of Xanax, or perhaps you can calm yourself by watching an episode of Fun with Flags or Doc Lucky’s Yo-Yo Talk. The references will not be understood by those who are not fans of The Big Bang Theory (the TV show, not the astronomical event), but those folks are dead to me anyway.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Golden Mile®  Registration Fees increase Monday!!!


Alligator attacked and eaten by Lucky’s Lake swimmers this morning, and Lucky’s Lake Swim Course record broken! plus more…

April Fools on the gator being eaten, but not on the broken course record.

Lucky’s lake swim course record of 11:17, held by True Sweetser, a former national champion in the mile, was thought by many to be impossible to break. Others believed that it was improbable but as likely as seeing a panda bear taking a soak in the hot tub after a Lucky’s Lake Swim (Heff has claimed to have witnessed this occurrence, but it was after a tour of microbreweries, and he also remembers he was riding a walrus when he made the observation). For those people, the impossible and improbable happened today. 17-year-old Matt Marsteiner from Raleigh, N.C., who swims for the New Wave swim club, shaved 3 seconds off of the course record for a time of 11:14.4. In setting the course record, he also broke the 17-18 age group record held by last year’s Golden Mile® champion Josh Brown. His brother Sam Marsteiner busted the 15-16 record  of 11:55 held by Hayden Curley with a time of 11:27.0, and their teammate Jackson Scheiber posted a 12:12, one of the top ten swims in the 1K course. Congratulations to all these swimmers; they are encouraged to join us for the Golden Mile, where they can win $1500 for breaking the course record and an actual gold medal.

I turns out we have a lot of masochist swimmers, your complaints have been addressed.  This year we are offering at the Golden Mile® not only the one mile race, but  2.4 and 6.2 mile events.  Feel the pain! You know you love it! Sign up now before the entry prices increase on April 10th.

We can use a few more volunteers for the Easter Swim. Please contact Tom Welch if you can help out (he is usually at the morning swims, and I think you can find him on the dark web as well. Tom prefers “pay volunteers” (that would be people that pay Tom money to volunteer. This is an opportunity to be close and personal with Tom’s aura) however we will accept regular non-sycophant volunteers as well.

Sign up for the Golden Mile® before the registration increases. Swim date is Saturday May 20th. Entry fees increase on April 10th.  Trying to think up a lame excuse why you can’t swim this year?  Well, it is confirmed you are a bad person.  Sign up Now HERE

The Marsteiner brothers shredded the Lucky’s Lake Swim Record board today. Matt (age 17) set the open record with a time of 11:14.4 also breaking the 17-18 age group record. His brother Sam (age 15) shattered the 15-16 age group record with a time of 11:27.0. Post swim drug testing showed an abnormally high blood levels of wheaties and nothing else.

The Lakers swim club who swims out of the Rosen Aquatic Center joined us for a swim. There youngest age 9 was concerned that the flesh eating carp might be hungry, however Lucky reassured her that they were full as he had already fed them a 8 year old.



Lucky’s Lake Swim events update

The water is in the mid-70s, and we see fewer black sausage suit swimmers (BSSS). For those who don’t speak lake swim slang, “BSSS” are swimmers who wear wetsuits. The only lower form of lake swimmer is an indoor Swimex swimmer, also known as LUCKY.

We have significant events returning for the spring season; first, the Easter Sunday swim on April 9th. Yes, that is on a Sunday (we always get at least one person asking if the Easter Sunday swim is on a Sunday); for those folks, keep asking, as preacher Tom is a very tricky fellow, and one day he may decide to do the Easter Sunday swim on a Tuesday to test us.

The Easter Sunday swim date is also important because that is the last day you can register for the Golden Mile® with the discounted rate of $95. The entry fee jumps way up the following Monday (of course, the Lake Cane Restoration Society appreciates the extra donation if you are a procrastinator).

And Speaking of the Golden Mile®, we have evolved into a swimming spectacular this year. Not only is the Golden Mile® available, but you can also choose a 2.4-mile swim or a 10K swim. The masochist swim lobby has been petitioning for years for a 10K, so here you go. You can register to do the one mile and the 2.4 or 10K together; we will have awards for the 2.4mile and 10K (not the real gold and silver medals like for the golden mile) and survivor medallions for all distances. Following the swim, we have our usual excellent breakfast. If you don’t get an endorphin high after your race, we will provide free drugs (however, these will be limited to Tylenol and aspirin). You can sign up for this fantastic experience by REGISTERING for the GOLDEN MILE®  HERE.

We are sad to report that this year’s Blacks ops frogman 5K Night Swim is canceled. The swim guzzlers are experiencing event fatigue and want to spend more time at microbreweries. We thank them for their eight extraordinary years of events and the 10s of thousands of dollars raised for the Navy SEAL foundation.

Rumors of a zombie swim in October are partially true if the technology can be developed; more on that in the next blog.

Saturday, March 28th, we are having a special Olympic training swim around 9:00 AM. If you see some of our Special Olympic athletes, give them a high 5.

Saturday, April 1st, we will have slightly extended swim times in the morning. We will start at 7:45 AM and keep the course open until 11 AM. We have a local team doing a 12K training swim that morning. This longer session is an excellent opportunity to do a long swim for everyone who needs punishment. Some folks like to be flogged, others like long-distance swimming. Make sure you bring hydration (the non-ETOH type) if you plan a long swim.


First triplets to do Lucky’s Lake Swim. Reportedly they started the swim as quadruplets, however, either they were fibbing, or the lake cane monster has started feeding again.

Sign up for the Golden Mile® before the registration increases on April 10th. Swim date is Saturday May 20th  Register NOW

Geno ties the oldest male Lucky’s Lake Swim record on his 92nd birthday. He is the oldest swimmer along with Brud Clevland. Geno reports he is the oldest blind swimmer, but if you are blind how do you know you did the whole crossing? Maybe you had cruel escorts and you did three crossings, we will never know.

Congratulations to Scott Zenoni who finished his 100th crossing. He was kind enough to write a giant donation check to the Lake Cane Restoration Society. Please, nobody tell him that check writing is not a requirement.




New Year’s Day Swim 7:45am, Sub 60 club and more.

You may have missed your opportunity to get in the sub-60-degree club (the extreme idiocy club) and earn your patch. We had two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, when the lake temperature dropped below 60 degrees. It is unlikely the lake will be below 60 for the rest of this year, but happily, for those off their meds, there is always January 2023. To be inducted into the sub-60 club, you must swim a crossing of the lake without a wetsuit with the water temperature below 60 degrees. 

Seldom do we have swims on Sunday (Easter being the exception), but this being New Year’s Day, we will be swimming at 7:45 AM. Please note after this Sunday; this will only happen seven more times this century.

There is no patch for swimming on New Year’s day, but you will be honored with eternal glory, and we will take a group picture, which nobody will look at except those in the picture, and any psychotherapist you may be seeing.

Tuesday it was 59.9 degrees and Wednesday 59.3 degrees.


Some of our newest members of the sub-60 club with their patches. Not everyone that completed the swim is in the photo. Only the fasters swimmers that made it to the hot tub first. So, technically the ones in the water the longest really should be honored more, but that’s life.


Doc Lucky Meisenheimer

Doc Lucky Meisenheimer

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