Only about 80 slots left in this year’s Golden Mile®. If you are planning on waiting to the last minute to register you may be shut out , so register now.
If you miss out you will feel shame and loath yourself for an entire year. Don’t take that chance register now.

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Need a sneak preview of what’s happening at this year’s Golden Mile® and 25th Anniversary of Lucky’s Lake Swim CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO

Digger the Dog and Ron’s best buddy has now taken his last swim to doggie heaven. Digger is the only dog in the 1000K club (this is by Ron’s count) and the only dog on the wall of fame. Digger was 17 years old which is 119 dog years. We attribute his longevity to swimming the lake and not eating what Ron eats. Digger, you will be missed by all your fellow lake swimmers. 

In honor of Digger we have re-released the short film Digger VS the underwater monster.
Watch the video HERE