Okay, it is very cold, but it’s windy too.  Just right for masochistic open water swimmers. Still not enough? Nobody’s making you wear a wetsuit, are they?

Here is the holiday swim schedule for the rest of the year. If you have to work, and must have your dark morning lake swim, Lucky will not beat you up if you start at 6:30am, however the main group and any new swimmers will start at 7:45AM.

18th Monday  7:45AM
19th Tuesday 7:45AM
20th Wednesday 7:45AM
21st Thursday 7:45AM
22nd Friday 7:45AM
23rd Saturday 7:45AM
24th Christmas Eve  NO SWIM
25th Christmas Day  NO SWIM
26th Tuesday 7:45AM
27th Wednesday 7:45AM
28th Thursday 7:45AM
29th Friday 7:45AM
30th Saturday 7:45AM
31st Sunday New Year’s Eve NO SWIM
New Years Day (Monday) 7:45AM
2nd of Feb (Tuesday) 6:30am

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone (The new year’s day swim is mandatory).

Flashback to 2022 New Year Day’s at Lucky’s Lake Swim. Thirty-Five swimmers total. Seven haven’t gone to bed yet or stopped drinking, Five hungover hoping the cold water will kill the pain, and two tourists thought they were at Volcano Bay.

I hope Santa brings you a great Christmas gift like this fine work of art.