Only 12 shopping days left until the Zombie Cause Swim. Don’t panic; you can still get tickets for the swim by clicking here.  If you need more information, click here. If you have no intention of swimming, click here, if you are a Democrat click here, if you are a republican click here, if you are independent click here, if you are a Libertarian click here, and if you are apolitical click here.

Please remember there is a zombie costume contest, so feel free to dress up for the event.

Volunteers will need to show up at 5 pm on the night of the race to help with set up.  If you can volunteer, please let Lucky know.

Water temp is 82 degrees, as of this morning, which is a perfect swimming temp.  Where are all the swimmers?  I believe it is because everyone likes complaining about when the water is too hot or to cold, when it’s just right there’s nothing to complain about, so it gives you no joy in life.

Okay here’s the deal.  This is an inaugural swim. Twenty years from now you will be telling folks either yes you participated the very first one which makes you some kind of Demigod or no you didn’t sign up and it is now your biggest regret in your life, even more than participating in the one chip challenge. Buy your ticket here.

Congratulations to the Lucky’s Lake Swimmers team which was the top fundraising team for the Special Olympics Swim for Inclusion on Saturday. The swim raised nearly $20,000 for Special Olympics. The funds are used to support open water swimming in Special Olympics. The plaque is reported to have some magic qualities. Reportedly if you rub it the correct way you will grow hair on the ends of your little fingers.