If you haven’t ever been to the Rosen Aquatic Center on International Drive, you should, as it is one of the finest competition pools in the country, and its record board looks like a who’s who of swimming. Recently, they honored Lucky Meisenheimer by naming the main competition natatorium in his honor. This week, the CEO of Florida Special Olympics also notified him that he is being inducted into the Florida Special Olympics Hall of Fame in November. These honors have created a problem for Lucky as his head has gotten so big he can’t get it through his front door. He assures us that it will return to normal size soon as there is too much frontal drag when swimming, and it is too big a target for underwater hockey pucks.

The Lucky’s Lake Swim Paradox is now in full effect. You may ask yourself, “What is the Lucky’s Lake Swim Paradox?” The paradox is when the lake is unbearably hot in the summer, everyone bitches about how miserable and hot the water is, but when the water temperature drops into the fun, excellent swimming temperature range, the total number of swimmers drops. Some mornings look like January mornings when there is frost on the grass. This paradox happens every year, so go figure.

Harris Rosen of the Rosen Aquatic Center with Lucky Meisenheimer.  The Natatorium was recently named in Lucky’s honor.  Lucky says: ” This is a great honor even though I have problems spelling the word “Natatorium.” 

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