July 4th swim is at 7:45 AM.  There is no midnight swim this year.  The midnight swim is being replaced by the Zombie Cause Night Swim to be held at 8pm on October 14th.  More on that swim, and the registration in future blog posts. Everyone have a wonderful 4th.

We have been asked if at the temperature of 87 degrees is Lucky’s Lake Swim wetsuit legal. Yes it is, and it may also be wetsuit lethal, you decide.

Save the date. The inaugural Zombie Cause® Swim. 8pm Oct 14th. Swim in the dark. We start with one zombie in the water. How many will be zombified and how many survive the 1K swim? Not a timed race, a stealth survival swim. More details to follow.  200 swimmer limit.

Please don’t park your vehicles in Lucky’s backyard. The towing company has been called, however this particular vehicle requires a special Hasbro tow truck, so you know that’s going to get expensive.