Still not too late to sign up for the Golden Mile®, but time is rapidly running out (sign up here).  There is a virtual swim option too so please take part. Yes, it’s this Saturday!!!!

Volunteers Sign up Here 


Do you find you have never been invited to the academy awards or any presidential inauguration? Never fear, you are invited to the Golden Mile® and we all know that surviving the Golden Mile® is double the achievement of attending those two events combined. So, you have a choice, sit by the mailbox and wait for that academy awards invite that will never come, or sign up for the Golden Mile® and dine with the gods in Valhalla when your time comes.  I choose to dine with the gods.  Sign up here for the Golden Mile and immortality. 

The Jack Beattie Memorial Lake swim and pancake breakfast  is Saturday, June 3rd this year. The swim is aways a blast. Swim starts at 10:30 AM,  561 Via Lugano. Carrot Top, Lucky and Jack Beattie at one of Jack’s annual lake/swim pancake breakfasts.

The Lake Cane Restoration Society silent auction is going on now, however there was one error. The yo-yo basket was listed as a value of $95.  iI should have been listed as priceless. Check out all the auction items here.


A dad’s got to brag a bit. This was John VII at 8 years old signing the wall of fame . Thursday he graduated from USF med school with many honors, and became a married man two weeks before. Now if I could just get him to swim the lake again.