Water temp is 81 degrees.  It’s time to register for the Golden Mile® it’s only one week away!!!!    For more information about the Golden Mile Click HERE.

Swimming the Golden Mile® for charity is a fantastic way to challenge yourself physically while positively impacting the world. Here are six reasons why swimming the Golden Mile® for charity is a great choice:

  1. Personal Achievement: Swimming the Golden Mile® is a significant accomplishment in itself. Your reward is being alive at the finish and receiving a really swell survivor medallion.
  2. Raising Awareness: Participating in this charity swim helps raise awareness about the Lake Cane Restoration Society, to which all the proceeds go. As you share your journey with family, friends, and the community, they will think you are insane, but it still raises awareness. 
  3. Pushing Your Limits: Swimming a mile is no small feat, requiring dedication, discipline, and mental toughness. By challenging yourself to swim the Golden Mile®, you’ll push your physical and mental limits, proving that you can accomplish remarkable things when you set your mind to it. Plus, it’s more fun than mowing the lawn or weeding, which you would likely be doing if you were not at the swim.
  4. Connecting with Nature: Swimming in open water can be a serene and meditative experience, allowing you to find peace and tranquility. This sereness is to be balanced with absolute terror should the lake cane monster decide to swallow you whole.
  5. Overcoming Fears: Open-water swimming can be intimidating for some very odd people. Taking part in the Golden Mile® for charity allows you to conquer fears or anxieties about swimming in natural bodies of water. Overcoming this challenge can empower and boost your self-confidence, so what if you don’t: nothing ventured, nothing gained. 
  6. Lasting Memories: Swimming the Golden Mile® will create lasting memories you’ll cherish for years, some of them, hopefully, most of them good. The sense of accomplishment, the people you meet, and the impact you make will be a source of pride and joy as you reflect on your experience in the future unless you get PTSD.

Remember, when choosing to swim the Golden Mile® for charity, ensure you have the necessary training to undertake the swim successfully; plus, our water safety volunteers are lazy and don’t want to expend the effort to drag you out of the water.

Here are five acceptable reasons that Lucky will not argue with for not swimming the Golden Mile®

  1. You have recently been diagnosed with the Ebola virus.
  2. You never learned to swim, and you get aquagenic urticaria.
  3. You are over 8cm dilated, and the contractions are strong and 30 seconds apart, one minute before race time.
  4. You are celebrating your 100th birthday (please weigh this with the fact that this Golden Mile® record is still unclaimed.)
  5. You are in jail, being held without bond.

There you have it. Everyone else should be signed up already. If you are a procrastinator, please sign up now.

I want to register for the Golden Mile® Because I am a good person, and I don’t want everyone giving me the Stink Eye. Register Here Now