Well, open water swimming season has undoubtedly begun.  We had over 160 swimmers last Saturday, and just when you think the lake swim records can’t get any faster three more are broken.
Congratulations to Sara McLarty, who broke the 40-44 record with a time of 13:21.4. Not only does she hold the record for three different age groups, her time is faster than her two previous younger age group records. I’ll have some of whatever she’s drinking.
The men’s 15-16 record which had been broken only a week before, was lowered again to 11:23.3 by local superstar Ryan Erisman. Ryan swam the 3rd fastest time recorded for the lake swim setting his age group record.  Lilliana Krstolic, who already holds the 10 and under women’s record returned to break the 13-14 age group record with a time of 12:51.8, which I might add that this is faster than the boys 13-14 record.

Lucky’s father passed early this year, and Lucky is having a giant estate sale not only is it including a lifetime of his father’s stuff, but Lucky is getting rid of all his collectibles as well (not his yo-yos he hasn’t gone crazy).  In addition to the household goods and furnishings, there are many antiques, tools, Toys, Comic books (gold and silver age), Baseball cards from the 60’s, Star Wars collectibles, Star Trek, Stamps, old records, muzzleloading rifles, original Nightmare before Xmas on cards, Olympic pins, musical instruments including a drum set, two pianos, antique music sheets and more items too many to mention.  The sale starts Friday from 9am-2pm, Saturday 9am-2pm, Sunday 9am-2pm  The estate sale is at 7478 Lake Marsha Drive
Orlando, FL 32819
  (This is not at Lucky’s House)  Come early as it will be a feeding frenzy. For Photos of estate sale items  click Here

The Easter Eat-Pray-Swim was a huge success, as always.  Thanks to preacher Tom for his wonderful sermon (Tom would like to apologize for forgetting to make a call to the man upstairs requesting a beautiful sunrise) and the countless volunteers who made the event possible.  Many congratulations to Mi Hoshino for being the 2023 Wendy May Andrew award winner for volunteerism. A well-deserved honor.  And for those who never volunteer but would like to be considered for the award, the nominating committee accepts bribes until the end of the year (cryptocurrency only, please).

Just a small sampling of some of the cool collectibles at Lucky’s father’s estate sale  For Photos of more estate sale items  click Here  The sale start tomorrow (Friday at 9am) The estate sale is not at Lucky’s House it is at his father’s house 7478 Lake Marsha Drive
Orlando, FL 32819
The sale goes through the weekend. Prices are dropped every day.

Famous lake swimmer returns on Easter. Although the famous swimmer digger the dog did not swim, Ron drank three coffees and counted that as three crossings for himself.

Mi Hoshino (foreground) was awarded the Wendy May Andrew award for volunteerism. Many thanks to all the volunteers that made Eat-Pray-Swim happen.  This is what happens at 5:30 AM the day of the Easter swim when everyone else is asleep. At 5am we provided I.V. coffee for all the volunteers.