April Fools on the gator being eaten, but not on the broken course record.

Lucky’s lake swim course record of 11:17, held by True Sweetser, a former national champion in the mile, was thought by many to be impossible to break. Others believed that it was improbable but as likely as seeing a panda bear taking a soak in the hot tub after a Lucky’s Lake Swim (Heff has claimed to have witnessed this occurrence, but it was after a tour of microbreweries, and he also remembers he was riding a walrus when he made the observation). For those people, the impossible and improbable happened today. 17-year-old Matt Marsteiner from Raleigh, N.C., who swims for the New Wave swim club, shaved 3 seconds off of the course record for a time of 11:14.4. In setting the course record, he also broke the 17-18 age group record held by last year’s Golden Mile® champion Josh Brown. His brother Sam Marsteiner busted the 15-16 record  of 11:55 held by Hayden Curley with a time of 11:27.0, and their teammate Jackson Scheiber posted a 12:12, one of the top ten swims in the 1K course. Congratulations to all these swimmers; they are encouraged to join us for the Golden Mile, where they can win $1500 for breaking the course record and an actual gold medal.

I turns out we have a lot of masochist swimmers, your complaints have been addressed.  This year we are offering at the Golden Mile® not only the one mile race, but  2.4 and 6.2 mile events.  Feel the pain! You know you love it! Sign up now before the entry prices increase on April 10th.

We can use a few more volunteers for the Easter Swim. Please contact Tom Welch if you can help out (he is usually at the morning swims, and I think you can find him on the dark web as well. Tom prefers “pay volunteers” (that would be people that pay Tom money to volunteer. This is an opportunity to be close and personal with Tom’s aura) however we will accept regular non-sycophant volunteers as well.

Sign up for the Golden Mile® before the registration increases. Swim date is Saturday May 20th. Entry fees increase on April 10th.  Trying to think up a lame excuse why you can’t swim this year?  Well, it is confirmed you are a bad person.  Sign up Now HERE

The Marsteiner brothers shredded the Lucky’s Lake Swim Record board today. Matt (age 17) set the open record with a time of 11:14.4 also breaking the 17-18 age group record. His brother Sam (age 15) shattered the 15-16 age group record with a time of 11:27.0. Post swim drug testing showed an abnormally high blood levels of wheaties and nothing else.

The Lakers swim club who swims out of the Rosen Aquatic Center joined us for a swim. There youngest age 9 was concerned that the flesh eating carp might be hungry, however Lucky reassured her that they were full as he had already fed them a 8 year old.