The water is in the mid-70s, and we see fewer black sausage suit swimmers (BSSS). For those who don’t speak lake swim slang, “BSSS” are swimmers who wear wetsuits. The only lower form of lake swimmer is an indoor Swimex swimmer, also known as LUCKY.

We have significant events returning for the spring season; first, the Easter Sunday swim on April 9th. Yes, that is on a Sunday (we always get at least one person asking if the Easter Sunday swim is on a Sunday); for those folks, keep asking, as preacher Tom is a very tricky fellow, and one day he may decide to do the Easter Sunday swim on a Tuesday to test us.

The Easter Sunday swim date is also important because that is the last day you can register for the Golden Mile® with the discounted rate of $95. The entry fee jumps way up the following Monday (of course, the Lake Cane Restoration Society appreciates the extra donation if you are a procrastinator).

And Speaking of the Golden Mile®, we have evolved into a swimming spectacular this year. Not only is the Golden Mile® available, but you can also choose a 2.4-mile swim or a 10K swim. The masochist swim lobby has been petitioning for years for a 10K, so here you go. You can register to do the one mile and the 2.4 or 10K together; we will have awards for the 2.4mile and 10K (not the real gold and silver medals like for the golden mile) and survivor medallions for all distances. Following the swim, we have our usual excellent breakfast. If you don’t get an endorphin high after your race, we will provide free drugs (however, these will be limited to Tylenol and aspirin). You can sign up for this fantastic experience by REGISTERING for the GOLDEN MILE®  HERE.

We are sad to report that this year’s Blacks ops frogman 5K Night Swim is canceled. The swim guzzlers are experiencing event fatigue and want to spend more time at microbreweries. We thank them for their eight extraordinary years of events and the 10s of thousands of dollars raised for the Navy SEAL foundation.

Rumors of a zombie swim in October are partially true if the technology can be developed; more on that in the next blog.

Saturday, March 28th, we are having a special Olympic training swim around 9:00 AM. If you see some of our Special Olympic athletes, give them a high 5.

Saturday, April 1st, we will have slightly extended swim times in the morning. We will start at 7:45 AM and keep the course open until 11 AM. We have a local team doing a 12K training swim that morning. This longer session is an excellent opportunity to do a long swim for everyone who needs punishment. Some folks like to be flogged, others like long-distance swimming. Make sure you bring hydration (the non-ETOH type) if you plan a long swim.


First triplets to do Lucky’s Lake Swim. Reportedly they started the swim as quadruplets, however, either they were fibbing, or the lake cane monster has started feeding again.

Sign up for the Golden Mile® before the registration increases on April 10th. Swim date is Saturday May 20th  Register NOW

Geno ties the oldest male Lucky’s Lake Swim record on his 92nd birthday. He is the oldest swimmer along with Brud Clevland. Geno reports he is the oldest blind swimmer, but if you are blind how do you know you did the whole crossing? Maybe you had cruel escorts and you did three crossings, we will never know.

Congratulations to Scott Zenoni who finished his 100th crossing. He was kind enough to write a giant donation check to the Lake Cane Restoration Society. Please, nobody tell him that check writing is not a requirement.