You may have missed your opportunity to get in the sub-60-degree club (the extreme idiocy club) and earn your patch. We had two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, when the lake temperature dropped below 60 degrees. It is unlikely the lake will be below 60 for the rest of this year, but happily, for those off their meds, there is always January 2023. To be inducted into the sub-60 club, you must swim a crossing of the lake without a wetsuit with the water temperature below 60 degrees. 

Seldom do we have swims on Sunday (Easter being the exception), but this being New Year’s Day, we will be swimming at 7:45 AM. Please note after this Sunday; this will only happen seven more times this century.

There is no patch for swimming on New Year’s day, but you will be honored with eternal glory, and we will take a group picture, which nobody will look at except those in the picture, and any psychotherapist you may be seeing.

Tuesday it was 59.9 degrees and Wednesday 59.3 degrees.


Some of our newest members of the sub-60 club with their patches. Not everyone that completed the swim is in the photo. Only the fasters swimmers that made it to the hot tub first. So, technically the ones in the water the longest really should be honored more, but that’s life.