The water temp is 68 degrees, as of today, and we are seeing the percent of black sausage-suit swimmers out number the non-wetsuit swimmers.  This will continue until we drop below 65 degrees. Then we enter the “Lucky’s Lake Swim cold water paradox” as the non-wetsuit swimmers begin to outnumber the wetsuit swimmers.

Here is the schedule for the rest of the year.

All swim times are at 7:45 AM Monday thru Friday and Saturdays Dec 19th -31st
No Swim on Christmas Day – Merry Christmas to everyone!

Hooray! The cold water swimming idiots now have their own patch (technically it’s not a cloth patch, it’s a rubberized patch made to survive sub zero temperatures). The rules to get the patch are simple, you must swim an entire lake crossing without a wet suit in 59.9 degree water or lower (This happens only 2 or 3 days a year, some years it doesn’t get below 60 degrees.)  Yes, that is water temperature not air temperature. There are a few of you that have earned this patch already and you may pick it up from Lucky anytime. Ron, to be clear, watching somebody swim the lake in below 60 degree water, while wearing a heavy parka and sipping hot coffee, does not qualify you for a patch.


Yet another award patch for morons. There are five swimmers who have “earned” this patch. Names are withheld to protect their families from ridicule. 

Merry Christmas to all from Lucky’s Lake Swim.  May you get the perfect gift as well.