Hello Lucky’s Lake Swimmers,

The Water temp is still around 75 degrees, so still a leisurely swim temp without the need for black sausage suits. To be clear, it is okay to wear black sausage suits (fashionable, no, but okay to wear) and nobody will bully you if you do suit up (unless spitting on you is considered bullying).

We have a holiday coming up, Thanksgiving (AKA eat until you feel you need to purge, others like to celebrate being with the family, it is, however, okay to combine both.) To justify the upcoming gustatory excess, we always have a Thanksgiving Day swim where you can burn off a few more calories early to make that third piece of pumpkin pie emotionally okay.

Here are the swim times for Thanksgiving Week

Monday 6:30 AM

Tuesday 6:30 AM

Wednesday 7:45 AM

Thanksgiving Day 7:45 AM

Black Friday 7:45 AM     Poker Night 6 PM

Saturday 7:45 AM

Don’t forget to sign up for the Lake Cane Restoration Society’s (LCRS) Third annual Poker Night on Black Friday Food and snacks will be provided.  We only have 40 slots, and we are already ½ full so sign up now.  Buy-in is $40 with the opportunity to acquire more chips.  The winner takes home $300, the second $200, and the third $100.  All proceeds will go to the Lake Cane Restoration Society unless Jay gets an opportunity to buy some magic beans, and then who knows where the funds will go.  Beginners and practice sessions start at 6pm.  Poker tournament starts at 7pm.

Sign up here!


And speaking of Jay, the LCRS just scored another major award (no leg lamp with this award) from Water Rangers.  LCRS is now the GROAT (Greatest Ranger of all Time) . . . . . . for the month of November.  We don’t know what the physical award was, as Jay went on a celebratory binge and misplaced it, but he is determined that Lucky should turn over his prized leg lamp to the LCRS.  Thank you to all the great volunteers that do our water testing.  You are all heroes of the LCRS, and your reward will be distributed in heaven … for some of you.

Tonight at 6:30 PM is a LCRS board meeting.  All lake swimmers are invited to attend; you don’t have to be a board member.  We will have a photo contest, poetry contest, business meeting, debauchery, and more.  Here is the link.  Click here to sign in to the zoom meeting; the Meeting ID is  889 9450 5528, Passcode 774728


Woo Hoo! we have a new award patch! It is on a slow boat from China (literally) All you have to do is do the lake swim in sub 60 degree water without wearing a black sausage suit. It should arrive in time for the January swims.

The fearless five did the Hurricane Nicole swim this morning. Pete, Mi, Dave, Mike and Lucky. At least four of the five were seen after the swim.

Don’t forget to send in your photos for the LCRS photo contest. This is a painting done by a computer ai titled “Van Gough’s paints  Lucky’s Lake Swim”

Some of the folks at the final table at the Lake Cane Restoration Society 1st annual poker tournament. The 3rd annual tournament happens on Black Friday 7pm at Lucky and Jacquie’s house.  All proceeds go to the Lake Cane Restoration Society.  Details are above.  Sign up now 

How can you justify three helpings of dessert without other family members giving you the stink eye. Why, swimming Lucky’s Lake Swim. Not only do you get to punch your man card, but you get to be first in line and get seconds as many times as you want. It’s the law in Florida.