Sadly, the open water swimming gods are displeased, and the 2022 Rowdy and Lucky 1.5 K open water swim has been canceled this year. However, those that have registered for the open water swim will get to swim a 1500-meter pool event at the Rosen Aquatic Center. The decision to remove all the lane lines and add natural lake bacteria and wildlife to the pool during the 1500-meter event has not been decided on yet.   The Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic short course meters meet will be run as scheduled. The reason to cancel the open water swim was multifactorial, including the recent hurricane, a sudden unexpected tripling of the insurance premium, and the angry open water swimming gods. To appease the gods, we have sent Jay Madigan to Egypt. There are no open-water swimming gods there, but Jay is unaware of this fact. However, we know that human sacrifices to Nile crocodiles reportedly do please open water swimming gods wherever they reside. Please text or email Jay, and encourage him to take a swim in the Nile during his visit.

Canceled for this year. Boo Hoo.  Jay will be swimming the Nile this week in pursuit of improving our odds of this event returning next year. Explanation above. 

Hurricane Ian Swim 2022. Paulie, Lucky, Pete and Brian doing the swim.  The working movie title is Dumb, Dummy, Dumber, and Dumbest.

Saturday October 22nd.  Folks, it’s all about the post swim party.