Swim for Inclusion this weekend – Saturday 9AM – At Lucky’s Lake Swim

Please join us with our annual open water swim with Florida’s Open Water Swimming Special Olympians.  Lucky’s Lake Swim is an official sponsor of Special Olympics Florida Open Water Swimming. This is Special Olympics largest fundraising event, and we would like as many Lucky’s Lake Swimmers as possible to join us as a team member.  This swim will start at 9Am right after the regular Saturday Morning Lucky’s Lake swim (7:45).

Here’s what you do to become a team member: (I know there was a computer glitch before that prevented some from signing up, but this has been fixed.)

Go to this Link:  Click HERE to become join the Lucky’s Lake swimmers team.

Try to raise or donate $100

If you raise or donate $100 or more and complete the one-kilometer swim you will get:

1. A swim for inclusion patch
2. Swim for inclusion T- shirt
3. A BBQ ticket for right after the swim.
4. A warm feeling in your heart
5. Your next 23 Lucky’s Lake Swims will be FREE! And you can bring a friend for free!

We will still have our normal Saturday Morning lake swim at 7:45 but feel free to do both.

This is a message from our sponsor of the Lucky’s Lake Swim Calendar. The best way we can have high quality drinking, fishing and swimming water is to protect our rivers, lakes and underground wells (did they mean to leave out ponds? Please no backlash from all the pond lovers out there I’m sure it was only a typo) . Keep them free from pollution all the time (in another words don’t pee in the lake, unless someone is drafting off you and you can’t shake them, then it’s okay) – it’s easier and less expensive to keep water safe and healthy by preventing problems. Protecting our water sources effectively reduces public health risks. Better health that costs less money? (Why is there a question mark after this statement? It gives me pause. Maybe better health costs more money. Yes, I have just confirmed this with 2 big pharmaceutical lobbyists, better health should cost lots of money, and they wouldn’t lie.) Two very compelling reasons to join LCRS in all that we do to support Lucky’s Lake Swim, Water Equation and the American Water Works Association in protecting plants, trees and animals that all thrive alongside clean water! #ProtecttheSource #SourceWaterProtectionWeek 

Please hashtag our sponsors and don’t mention any of the editorial comments. 

A big shout out to Chris Nikic who is off to Kona next week getting ready for the Ironman. Chris is the first athlete with Down’s Syndrome to complete an Ironman.  Chris BTW would like every Lucky’s Lake Swimmer to participate in the swim for inclusion as it gives Special Olympians an opportunity to enjoy open water swimming.  Chris has a book out (1% Better The Chris Nikic Story) now and he gives a nice shout out to Lucky’s Lake Swim.  You can purchase the book on his website  https://chrisnikic.com/books/#story   and if you bring the book to the lake swim I’m sure he would be happy to autograph it for you for a substantial fee .

If you did not know Source water protection week starts Sept 25th and ends Oct 1st. Please don’t pee in the lake during these dates. Also please use those hashtags listed above.



Join our Lucky’s Lake Swimmers Team the swim is Saturday 9AM. Details above. Sign Up Here.