Several significant events are coming up in the next few months at Lucky’s Lake Swim that you don’t want to miss unless you are an antisocial orc.  The first is the Swim for Inclusion for Special Olympics, which will take place on Saturday, September 24th at 9 am.  Participating in this event will give you extra credit points when someday, hopefully in the far, far future, you are trying to convince Saint Peter why you should pass through the pearly gates (ed. note: I can’t confirm this is actually the way it works).  Here is a short video explaining the event  or you can go directly to the website and sign up there  or you can join the Lucky’s Lake Swimmers Team HERE

Next is the Rowdy and Lucky 1.5K swim on October 16th you can register here

On October 22nd is the 8th annual Night Ops 5K swim for the Navy Seal Foundation

Some sad news we lost one of our Lake Swimming Pioneers, Victor Sirbu.  Many of you may know his daughter Danielle, an avid lake swimmer (aka stealer of Lucky’s turtles – she feeds them at Geno’s now).Victor was a fantastic individual; he was the first Olympian to sign Lucky’s Lake swim wall of fame (he was in the pentathlon in 1964 for Romania).  Victor also swam and played water polo competitively.  He was a fixture on the Team Orlando Masters swim team for decades.  Even though he lost a several-year battle with pancreatic cancer, he was always upbeat and continued to exercise at the Rosen Aquatic center, of which he was a big supporter.  RIP Victor.

Come join the fun and help out Special Olympics Open Water Swimming. Saturday Sept 24th 9 AM   sign up here


Victor passed a few days ago and was a legend in the local swim community. Lucky and Victor were friends for over 30 years. The Memorial Service is on Sept. 24, 2022, from 11:00 to 13:00 at the Winter Oak Funeral Home in Winter Garden, Fl.  This link will bring you to their website and Victor’s page.  

Kathleen accepts the award in behalf of the Lake Cane Restoration Society.  She did not mention the $500,000 cash prize that went along with the plaque.  She was seen partying on South Beach later into the wee hours of the morning. The Dr. Daniel E Canfield, Jr. Volunteerism award is given to a volunteer organization or outstanding volunteer for significant contributions to the research, restoration, and/or preservation of our water resources. The award is named after Dr. Daniel Canfield, founder of Florida Lakewatch, the pioneering citizen-volunteer water quality monitoring program involving over 1200 lakes statewide, and now being emulated across the United States.Florida Lake Management Society (FLMS “pronounced phlems” they might want to think about changing the pronunciation of the acronym) 

Okay, the plaque was nice Kathleen, but what about the 500K cash. Don’t deny it, we saw you at the Ferrari dealership looking around.