Inflation, increasing taxes, the globe teetering on the brink of world war III, want a solution? Jump into a wetsuit and do three hard crossings of the lake, and your brain will be so fried that you will have no further worries. The temperature remains in the high eighties (even the brain-eating amoeba are complaining), but tons of swimmers are still showing up. It will be like this for the next 3-4 weeks, and then we will drop into the low 80s (perfect swimming weather); however, our numbers drop. Lucky calls this the perfect weather paradox.
Thanks to the volunteers that showed up for the native planting on Lake Cane and Lake Floy and those that helped in the ongoing wall of Fame restoration.

Here’s what’s coming up in the future at Lucky’s lake swim.

August 8 – Underwater hockey glove making night – 7pm (Almost all the UWH players on Orlando’s team are Lucky’s Lake swimmers, and have earned their place in heaven (full disclosure: Tom continues to challenge the veracity of this statement)
August 13 – Wall of Fame restoration, right after the Saturday swim. Even if you can give us 10-15 minutes after the swim that will be a big help.  We are restoring names that are fading. All you need to bring is a steady hand.
August 13 Silent Auction for Lake Cane Restoration Society ends. Check out the auction HERE.
August 27 – Wall of Fame restoration right after the swim
September 1 – Doc Lucky’s Yo-Yo Talk   9:30pm Live on Facebook, Twitch, TikTok and Youtube. We know everybody already watches, but Lucky begged us to add it to the calendar of events.
September 5 – Labor Day – Swim time starts at 7:45 AM
September 19 – National talk like a pirate day  (best to stay away from Lucky this day – if you don’t know why watch this video)
September 24 – Special Olympics Swim for Inclusion Day – Special Olympians from all over Florida will join us for Lucky’s Lake Swim
October 2 –  2pm – 4pm  Velma Daniels will be doing a book signing at Lucky’s.  She will be signing her biographies she wrote on Lucky, and on Don Duncan Sr. (of Duncan Yo-Yos). Free yo-yos and ice cream will be provided. Lucky will give a tour of his yo-yo collection.
October 16  Rowdy and Lucky 1.5K swim – REGISTER HERE
October 22 – 5K night ops swim for the Navy Seal Foundation – REGISTER HERE
November 10 – Lake Cane Restoration Society meeting 6:30 pm
November 12 & 13 – Charleston Underwater Hockey Tournament – Yes we are sending a team of Lucky’s Lake Swimmers
November 23 -26 – Thanksgiving Vacation – Swim times are 7:45 AM these days.
November 25 – 3rd annual Poker night at Lucky’s to benefit the Lake Cane Restoration Society
December 19 -24 Christmas break Swim times are 7:45am
December 25  Christmas Day – No swim
December 26 – 31 Christmas Break continues with swim times at 7:45 am
January 1st – New Years Day – Swim at 7:45 am.

Currently we have a test auction running for the Lake Cane Restoration Society.  Only a half dozen auction packages are up, but a couple of really not to miss items.  There are two universal studio tickets and Sara McCarty has a swimming stoke  session package  as well. Sara is the real deal. A former elite international swimmer and triathlete. Multiple NCAA All American and more importantly the first Gold medal winner in the swimmer of the Ages division for the Golden Mile®.  If you are trying to become a better open water swimmer don’t let this lesson package slip by. So check out the auction here.

Sara McCarty donated a series of stroke lessons for our silent auction. We are doing a small test auction before next year’s big auction at the Golden Mile®.  An elite Swimmer Sara was a silver medalist in the World games. Later went on to become a pro triathlete. Too many swimming and Tri awards to list without getting carpal tunnel syndrome from typing. Head coach of SLAP.  If you want to become better at open water swimming then jump on these lessons in the silent auction.

See the silent auction HERE.