Sadly, Snickers (AKA snicks, snickerdoodle), the dog who happily greeted swimmers to Lucky’s Lake Swim for the last 12 1/2 years, peacefully passed yesterday. Her legs gave out, and even with modern medicines, we couldn’t get back on her feet. However, she was with family until the end, and her cross-over was serene. Luna indicates that she will step up and continue to start the daily swims and act as a greeter. RIP Snicks.

Rowdy Gaines has been our announcer for the first two Golden Miles and was to announce this one; he got diagnosed with COVID today, so he will miss this year’s event. He says he is doing well with only flu-like symptoms and regrets missing the race—prayers to Rowdy for a speedy recovery.

There is only one entry slot left for swimming in the 2022 Golden Mille®. If your reaction to this news is OMG, I was going to register later today or tomorrow. Then stop reading this post and go to registration and type fast because somebody else out there is doing the same. The race is capped at 300, and we will have no more entries after this last spot has been snatched up. The race is stacking up to be a great event with a fantastic goodies backpack stuffed with swag for all swimmers. Everyone that completes the swim will receive a 2022 Golden Mile® survivor medallion and an exceptional breakfast after the event. In addition, 8 Time Filipino National Yo-Yo Champ Sean Perez will show everyone how to throw a yo-yo and run an impromptu yo-yo contest with prizes (yes, everyone gets two yo-yos in their swag backpack.) Speaking of awards, we have actual gold medals for the overall winners and real silver medals for the runners-up. All age groups will have medals 1st through 3rd, and if you happen to set the course record, you will go home with $1500.00 cash!!!

Only one entry slot left register now

Not swimming but what to help out? Please register to volunteer – your reward will be in heaven.

Volunteers register here.

No regular Lake Swim on Saturday.  Nobody allowed to swim in the event without a timing chip.

Only one entry slot left in the event as this is being posted. If you are a procrastinator this is your final wake up call. This slot will go quick! Sign up now!

RIP Snickers. She was a good, friendly dog. Snickers was famous for a day when she and her boy Max won the Orlando Sentinel dog/owner look a like contest. Snicks you will be missed.