Only 30 some slots left!!!

As expected, the 300 slots for the Golden Mile are filling fast only 30+ left as I am typing this note, and the openings will be disappearing more quickly than kind words in the Heard-Depp trial. There are only seven days to go until the event, so sign up now before all the slots are filled. You may be thinking, “oh well, they will still let me register even if they fill.” Nay, nay my young Padawan, you will never be a Jedi lake swimmer with that twisted thought process. This event is very SWAG heavy with a race backpack, T-shirt, patches, bumper stickers, and much more, all of which have to be ordered well in advance. We only have 300 of the race swag goody bags, which I am told are better than the Academy Awards Goody bags, except they don’t have cocaine packets.Sign Up for the Golden Mile® Here


Remember there is no Lucky’s Lake Swim available on May 28th only the race, so join us for the race or volunteer.

We need more volunteers for the Golden Mile® Please keep in mind that the proceeds for this event goes to the Lake Cane Restoration Society which is a 501 c3 charity, which helps keeps Lake Cane swimmable.
Sign up to volunteer here: Volunteer Sign Up Here We are happy to report that your reward for volunteering will be in heaven.  Some of us do need bonus points. Please sign up even if you don’t need bonus points, never mind, those folks have already signed up.

What’s Happing at the Golden Mile®

  • $1500.00 Cash prize for setting either overall male or female course record.
    • Men’s Record – True Sweetser 17:12.63
    • Women’s Record – Carlie Rose 18:19.61
  • Real Gold medals for the overall winners (Double the gold content of an Olympic Gold)
  • Real Silver medals for overall runner ups 16 oz of sterling silver
  • Masters Swimmer of the Ages Gold and Silver Medals – age handicapped division.
  • Age group medals first through third from 10 and under through 90+
  • Survivor medallions for all that finish
  • Golden Mile Backpacks for all swimmers, filled with all kinds of SWAG including: T-shirt, patches, bumper stickers, yo-yos, racing caps, and more great stuff.
  • Huge pancake breakfast with all the fixings after the swim.
  • First time swimmers get to sign Lucky’s Lake Swim Wall of Fame and get even more SWAG.
  • Yo-Yo Contest run by Duncan Yo-Yo professional Sean Perez – 8 time National Filipino Yo-Yo Champion
  • Meet Rowdy Gaines race announcer and NBC Olympic Sportscaster and 3x Olympic Gold medalist.

What’s up with the Virtual Golden Mile® Swim!??

What if you can’t make the Golden Mile on May 28th because you will be partying so hard on the evening of the 27th that you will be in the ICU on the 28th – no worries you can still support the event by registering for the virtual Golden Mile®
 There are two ways you can do the virtual Golden Mile® 

  1. Register and swim on Friday night the 27th before you go out partying. You can use floatation, fins, snorkels, hand paddles, even wet suits (if you enjoy hyperthermia). You get all the SWAG and the survivor medallion, but no time or awards.
  2. Register and swim a mile elsewhere pool or open water on or before the 28th, you will receive all the all SWAG, but not the survivor medallion, time, or awards.



The Golden Mile® is a great warm up swim for the 33rd annual Jack Beattie Lake Swim and pancake breakfast on June 4. Everyone that does both Lucky’s Lake Swim and the Beattie swim on the same day will inducted into the dynamic duo Hall of Fame, and have your photos taken with other dynamic duo swimmers at the Beattie swim.  We will post the photo, which confers internet immortality. Think of your own personal legacy, and do both swims the same day.