Thirty-five swimmers braved the first swim of 2022 at Lucky’s Lake Swim. Although “braved” is not precisely the correct term to use, the water temperature was nearly 72 degrees. As a result, several of the folks wearing wet suits had to hop in the hot tub after the swim to cool down. Although there was a ponderance of black sausage swimmers, with the wonderful air and water temperatures, they were obviously making a fashion statement as wetsuits were not needed.

Five first time swimmers, Bud making 100K honors, Jim Sullivan makes his 1200 crossing milestone (all you get for that is to ring the big bell 12 times), and Seth Baetzold breaking his record (1st record-breaker for the year) with a time of 13:56 in the 25-29 age group. A busy morning for the lake swim.

We also saw the return of several swimmers that have been MIA for the last many months. New year’s resolutions and all. We shall see if those resolutions to start swimming again last until next Saturday.

Registrations for the Golden mile are now open! But, as the phoenix arises from ashes and fire, the Jay Madigan emerges from the lake muck on Golden Mile Registration opening day. You cannot vaccinate against a Jay Madigan. Your only hope is to register and register early. Otherwise, check beneath your bed every night, as, sooner or later, he will appear there with a sharpened quill pen, dripping with India Ink number 5, and a registration form. His discovery will be followed by his harsh cry of caw, caw … caw, caw all night long. Been there, done that, save yourself, register now.

We are now back to our regular swim schedule Mon-Fri 6:30 AM Saturday’s 7:45 AM.

2022 New Year Day’s at Lucky’s Lake Swim. Thirty-Five swimmers total. Seven haven’t gone to bed yet or stopped drinking, Five hungover hoping the cold water will kill the pain, and two tourists thought they were at Volcano Bay.

First new swimmers of the year. If you drink enough the night before, your alcohol levels may remain high enough that you come to believe swimming a lake in the morning is a good idea.

More newbie swimmers for 2022.

Bud becomes the first new 100K club member for 2022. He is so happy he is going to buy a new Lamborghini for his Lucky’s Lake Swim license plate holder.

Seth breaks his own record in the 25-29 age group. (13:56) His arm posturing is not a sign of joy in breaking the record. He has cramped up that way, but he is now useful for hanging things on. Seth is signed up to swim the English channel in July. We all hope your arms come down by then.

Golden Mile® 2022 Registration is now open! Follow your dreams, after you are done, and you find nothing has changed, sign up for the Golden Mile®.