The water temp is 72.8, which is warmer than the springs. But, folks, this is why we live in Florida. Even Lucky is still swimming in the lake.I can’t explain what a great photo op this is for you to irritate all your friends and family up north completely. Picture yourself standing in the lake in a speedo, fanning yourself, as it’s just too hot. Of course, your winterized friends and family will hate you. You, however, will feel great as Schadenfreude is the next best feeling after love.

Holiday Lucky’s Lake Swim Schedule

7:45 AM Saturday 18th

No Swim Sunday 19th

7:45 AM Monday  20th

7:45 AM Tuesday 21st

7:45 AM Wednesday 22nd

7:45 AM Thursday 23rd

7:45 AM Christmas Eve

No Swim Christmas Day

No Swim Boxer Day Sunday 26th

7:45 AM Monday 27th

7:45 AM Tuesday 28th

7:45 AM Wednesday 29th

7:45 AM Thursday 30th

7:45 AM New Year’s Eve 31st

7:45 New Years Day 2022

No Swim Sunday 2nd

6:30 AM Monday January 3rd back to the normal swim schedule.


Flashback – New Year’s Day Swimmers Last year. There won’t be any Covid signs this year. Yay! Jay is still complaining that someone should have told him he didn’t have to wear his mask during the swim. Jay, it all worked out fine; remember, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. Plus, you didn’t get Covid, even with all the water you swallowed.

Congratulations to Orlando’s Underwater Hockey Team, which repeated as state champions this year. Over half the team is made up of Lucky’s Lake Swimmers. Tom can frequently be seen pushing a puck on the lake’s bottom as he does his morning swim.
We would love to have you join us, as anybody can learn to play. The fact we will take any living person on the team is clearly demonstrated by three of our players being over sixty, known as “Three Curmudgeon Amigos” (Tom, Lucky, and Jay).

Sorry, no Lucky’s lake swimming on Christmas Day. Santa should be resting that morning from all his  activities the previous evening.