The water temp is still hanging in the low 70s, but the lake now appears to be one big school of black sausage swimmers. It is still okay to swim without a wetsuit, as we see Lucky out there without one. Lucky serves as our wimp gauge. If Lucky has not retreated into his balmy, temperature-controlled, indoor swimming treadmill, and you are wearing a black sausage suit, you are by definition a wimp. Suppose Lucky is nowhere to be seen, except for the hot tub. In that case, those that continue to choose to swim without a wetsuit are to be revered and honored as real men and women, and they will have seats reserved at the table of the gods in the halls of Valhalla for when they pass to the other side from extreme hypothermia. To those, I say, “feast with Odin for eternity, die cold with your fins on.” For those in wetsuits – no feast for you.

And speaking of feasts, the Holidays are upon us, and it’s time to think about the extreme gustatory pleasures that are rapidly approaching. Of course, for all our maniac calorie counting athletes, this means more exercise must be done to counter the evil consumptions that will occur on T- day. What better way to justify that extra helping of dressing than a lake swim? As with tradition, Lucky’s Lake Swim will be happening on T-day morning to help counteract the sinful gluttony that will occur later in the day. For those of you that choose instead to sit at home watching the Macy’s Day parade, stuffing down caramel-covered apples and slices of warm pumpkin pie, a pox on your conscience.

Holiday Swim Times Thanksgiving week.

Monday 6:30 AM

Tuesday 6:30 AM

Wednesday 7:45 AM

Thanksgiving Day 7:45 AM

Friday 7:45 AM (Poker Night at Lucky’s House for the Lake Cane Restoration Society 6:15 PM)

Saturday 7:45 AM


Black Friday has finally been renamed Poker Night at Lucky’s.

We only have a few seats left. So please let Jay Madigan or Lucky know ASAP if you want a chair at Poker Night which is always fun.

Key Points:

  1. You don’t need to know how to play poker to get a seat. We will have a beginners training session.
  2. The $20,000 buy-in per chair has been reduced to $40. Due to this announcement, Tobey Maguire has pulled out of the tournament, and he will also not be bringing his friend Leonardo.
  3. There will be food and drinks.
  4. $300.00 first prize, $200.00 second place, $100.00 third place, 4th place gets a pat on the back and two attaboys.
  5. No six-shooters or pearl-handled derringers.
  6. The beginner/learning table starts at 6:15 PM; the tournament begins at 7 PM.

    We can’t guarantee this certificate will work when presented, but it is guaranteed to get eye rolls and snotty looks.

    Remember the last movie that you watched and left saying, “boy, I wish I had the last two hours of my life back”, well, this film is so much better that you will only wish for 3 minutes back. Lucky wrote and directed this film and it has been on the film festival circuit over the last year. He is now allowed to share the film with anyone he can con into watching. Sentient starred Maximus Meisenheimer with appearances by Doc Lucky and May Lin Meisenheimer. Sentient was written and directed by Lucky Meisenheimer, M.D., and Shawn Berg was the director of photography.