We are happy to report that the missing bumper sticker stolen from Lucky’s driveway about a month ago has been returned, with the truck attached. We appreciate all those folks that have been keeping their eyes open for the missing bumper sticker. The attached truck was in relatively good shape with nothing missing, Including the truck bed full of yard waste. The borrower has not been identified, but the truck was towed from a nearby apartment complex. Lucky has not taken back the mojo he placed on the dude as he is still mad that this slacker drove around showing off the Lucky’s Lake Swim bumper sticker, like he had earned it, for about 200 miles. Thanks to the mojo, the guy is more miserable than someone skiing down a moguled course with a mouth packed full of rusty heroin needles.  The moral of the story is, “don’t display a Lucky’s Lake Swim bumper sticker unless you have earned it, or you will get a mojo put on your ass, and they are tougher to remove than a purple tattoo.”

The no vaccine no swimming rule is no more as of October 1st (Friday).  The surge is well past its peak locally, and we appreciate those that have been respectful of our rule and look forward to having them return to the lake swim. Mask wearing and social distancing remain a personal choice at the lake swim (although we always recommend social distancing from Heff).

Please sign up now for the Rowdy and Lucky 1.5K open water swim on Sunday, October 17th. That is right around the corner. The local weathermen are estimating the water temp cone of probability will be between 55 and 95 degrees for the race, which is perfect. While you are at it, don’t forget to sign up for the Navy Seal Foundation 5K night ops Frogman swim on November 6th.

You would think if someone takes your truck and drives it 200 miles they would at least of the courtesy of filling up the gas tank and taking the trash to the dump (they had plenty of money out of Shawn’s wallet to do those simple tasks). Very happy to have the bumper sticker back.  Thanks to everyone who had their eyes open looking for the missing bumper sticker.

The awards are in for the Rowdy and Lucky 1.5K Race to be held on Sunday Oct 17. There will be age groups and a great chance to pick up some of this cool hardware. Sign up now. Proceeds from the event go to the Rosen Aquatic Center and the Lake Cane Restoration Society.  Sign up Here