Lucky’s Labor Day Swim start time is at 7:45am

Saturday 9/ll, we have the Special Olympics Race “Swim” for Inclusion during our Saturday Lake Swim. Again, there will be cameras and media. Lucky’s Lake swim will be on as usual, and you don’t have to be a part of the “Swim for Inclusion” to swim, but it will be taking place simultaneously. We will have about 10 Special Olympians doing the swim that morning. If you want to be involved, you can sign up for Team Lucky’s Lake Swimmers here. If you sign up and swim that day and make a small donation to Special Olympics, you will receive a cool patch. If you make a big donation of $100 or more, Special Olympics will send you a Race for Inclusion T-shirt.  Sign up here.

A Lucky’s Lake Swim bumper sticker was stolen from Lucky’s driveway, and he wants it back. Please view the video below.

The swim is Saturday 9/11 during our regular lake swim. The lake swim goes off as usual at 7:45am We would though, love to have you as part of team Lucky’s Lake Swimmers in support of this event.