So, Lucky came home over lunch the other day to find a swimmer struggling in the water, but he was slowly moving toward the first buoy. Aiden, Curtis, and Shawn were on the dock, watching with smiles of schadenfreude on their faces. It turns out the swim was a thousand-dollar bet made by the next-door neighbor, Aiden, who rents the house from Lucky.  He bet his friend Fernando $1000.00 that he couldn’t swim to the first buoy and back. Lucky stayed to watch because he wanted Fernando to finish, as Lucky didn’t want to have to go searching for the body in all that bottom muck (plus Lucky is a bit of a sadist too). Fernando survived and won the thousand dollars, which was a win for Aiden as the lawsuit that would have indeed followed when Fernando drowned would have cost Aiden much more. Lucky asked Aiden if he would make the same bet with him, and Lucky would give 100 to 1 odds that he could swim to the first buoy and back, but Aiden declined. The moral of the story is that if someone is offering a thousand-dollar bet to swim to the first buoy and back, be the first in line. The follow-up moral is, people drown in lakes because they do stupid things. We can only hope they do this before reproducing, so it strengthens the gene pool. As far as encouraging non-swimmers to take life-threatening risks with swims they are not capable of, Lucky gives his full support, as long as they do it on Lake Hiawassee.

Yes, it remains hot at the lake swim, and Tom’s suggestion to build a bonfire to cool off after the swim is seriously considered. However, lucky has now responded to the question, “with the temperature so high, when will swimsuits become optional?”  “In the water, suits are always optional, but those who the carp have ever bitten know that this would be a terrible idea, especially if one grabbed your naughty bits, plus it would require a lot of explaining in the emergency room.”

We have some events coming up, which we hope everyone will participate in.

Saturday, September 11th, we will host the Race for inclusion, a Special Olympic event in which Lucky’s Lake swim is the site for the event.  Races for inclusion are being held all over the state, but there is only one swim race for inclusion in the entire world, and it is here.

Technically it is not a race; we are swimming one kilometer with several Special Olympians. There is no timing or awards, except if you sign up for the Lucky’s Lake Swimmers team and make any donation to Special Olympics Florida, you will get a nice patch (only if you complete the swim). Anyone that raises or donates more than $100 Special Olympics will send them a nice race for inclusion T-Shirt.  Can you still swim on that Saturday if you don’t want to register for the Race for inclusion?  Absolutely.

We hope you will sign up for Lucky’s Lake Swimmer’s Team.  Here is the link to sign up.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Rowdy and Lucky 1.5 K swim on Oct 17th  Register Here.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Night Ops 5K Frogman Swim on Nov 6th Register Here.

We have one clarification on the no vaccine no swim rule currently in effect at Lucky’s Lake Swim.  If you have had covid and still have antibody titers, you fall under the “natural vaccination” category and can join us.  If you are not sure, ask your physician for guidance.  Do not ask Lucky, as he will only mumble something about the zombie animation virus and then try to slice a mole off you.

Join Team Lucky’s Lake Swimmers and support Florida Special Olympics! Join our team Here

Hydrilla the Carp Solution. If you ever wanted to understand why we have carp in the lake, this short video explains it all. Jay used this video in one of his many water management conferences presentations. Rotten Tomatoes rates this 95% Click on the hydrilla to view the video.

This is what you look like when you win a $1000 bet but nearly died doing it. You can read the details above.

One day Jay left the motor running on the pontoon boat “Saint Jacquie” not to be out done Shawn , last week, not only left the motor running but also didn’t tie it to the dock. This is what an abandoned pontoon boat looks like driving around the lake on its own. Neighbors were complaining to Lucky that he needs to tie up his boat it was coming over to their docks and trying to breed with their boats.  Apparently, Lucky’s boat is not purebred, and we may see a bunch of little pontoon jet ski boats skipping around on the lake later in the year.

Congratulation to Steve Wright’s entry into the 100K club (not the comedian – that Steve Wright thought Lucky’s Lake Swim was a Joke} Steve is holding up some extremely cool wood burning artwork of Randy Driggers. How Randy burned green into the wood is a trade secret. Ed Note. The writer who made the Steve Wright joke has been fired and executed.

Congrats to Denise Ward our newest 100 K club member. It only took her ten years to make it. She is now shooting for the 1000 K club. See you at the wall of Fame in 3011.