The local hospitals are filling fast. This new delta variant of COVID is much more contagious than the original virus. There are more breakthrough cases now, but the good news for those vaccinated is that 99.5 percent of those that died were not vaccinated. Not so good news for the unvaccinated. We have always tried to be ahead of the Covid curve at the lake swim, so we are implementing a no vaccine no swim rule until the delta surge is in check. This is not political, so please don’t respond with your politics, right, left, or libertarian, why this is a good or bad idea, or why you have or haven’t got vaccinated. There are plenty of social media sites available to rant. Here are some answers to questions that may come up.

When does the no vaccine no swim rule start? Monday, July 26th. Saturday is your last chance to catch the delta variant at Lucky’s.
When does it end? You will have to check your magic eight ball for that answer.
Are you going to check vaccine cards? No, but we will do cavity searches if you request.
How do you know if someone has been vaccinated? This will be based on the honor system.
What if someone cheats and Lucky finds out? They will be banned from the swim forever, but we believe lake swimmers are honorable, except for Ron when counting his crossings.
What if someone has a medical condition that does not allow them to be vaccinated on doctors’ orders? They may swim, but they must be masked at all times except when in the water. I would also suggest a 2nd opinion.
Do we have to start wearing masks again at the lake swim? That is your choice. You may also wear a tie to the swim. Some consider both a fashion statement.
What is your definition of being vaccinated? Ten days after the first dose, we will let you swim, but you are not in any way fully protected.
The above response does not make sense to an intelligent individual such as myself. Yes, you are correct, and swimming across a Florida lake also doesn’t make sense for many educated people.
I don’t feel comfortable swimming with those that don’t wait four weeks after the second shot to swim. Great, don’t swim then.
Where can I contact you to list all the reasons I don’t want to get vaccinated. Read the first paragraph of this blog again ,and if you still have questions please go to this link

Now for the fun stuff.

Mike Tall makes the 1000K club!, and he then donates $1 for every kilometer he swam, for those whom grew up in Kentucky that would be $1000, to the Lake Cane Restoration Society. Mike then rejected, what Jay Madigan thought was a very good idea, of donating $1 for every yard he swam. Lucky was confused on the math, as ciphering that number would require more fingers and toes than he owns.  

Enrique Mercado gets a halo of yellow around his name for becoming the latest member of the 100K club. No, that 100 on his shirt was not photoshopped in. It is a sign, a powerful sign from above.

Save the date. Sept 11th 2021. Join us to help Special Olympics Florida. Details in two weeks.

Dan Grieb and the famous Chris Nikic who was the first person with Down’s Syndrome to complete an Ironman triathlon. Chris is training tor the world championships.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Lost artwork found. This is a drawing of all the hallucinations that Yuko experienced when setting her world record crossing at Lucky’s Lake Swim around 2010 (she did 82 definitely a hallucination worthy number of crossings) The artist was Ron MacDonald, Gate art, Wall of Fame art, Golden Mile medal art ect…


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