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There has been some confusion regarding the difference between the Virtual Golden Mile® and The Golden Mile®; we believe this confusion is due to a drug-induced haze associated with the executive event planning committee. We asked Lucky to explain the difference, as he is in charge of starting the virtual Golden Mile on Friday at 6 pm. Lucky’s response was, ” The Golden Mile is this weekend?!” Therefore we have decided to explain the differences below for Lucky and everyone else.
The first thing to keep in mind is that the Golden Mile®, whether it be the race on Saturday or the virtual swim on Friday at 6 pm, is a charity event. All the proceeds go to the Lake Cane Restoration Society (LCRS), a 501(c)3 charitable organization. This volunteer organization works hard year-round to keep the lake swimmable. The registration and cost are the same for either event; you can choose to do the race on Saturday or the fun swim on Friday at 6 pm. Some volunteers are doing the virtual swim so they can help the race on Saturday.

Virtual Swim of the Golden Mile®
The swim starts at 6 pm on Friday (pick up your swim packet with your racing cap at 5:45 pm). This is a mass start. No lifeguards. No timing system. No awards. You will get a survivor medallion, an official race T-shirt, and a swag backpack full of goodies when you finish.
For the virtual swim, you can wear fins, snorkel, wetsuit, pull buoy, outboard motor, etc. We ask everyone to wear a safe swim buoy for this event.

Real Golden Mile® Race starts at 8 am with a rolling start in groups based on fastest to slowest. No swim aids are allowed, but you can wear a safe swimmer buoy if you choose. Race packet (cap, timing chip, and race number marking) pickup starts at 6 am. Technical meeting for all participants at 7 am at the dock. The course will be open for warm-up from 7:00 am to 7:45 am. You will get a survivor medallion, an official race T-shirt, and a swag backpack full of goodies when you finish. There will be a breakfast after you are done swimming. Base Performance will have their sport’s drink available for all swimmers. There will be some vendors, so bring money. We do have a memorabilia table set up with great things for sale (all proceeds to LCRS). There will be silent auction tables (you can bid now online) set up with some excellent stuff (auction closes at 9 am). If you are fast, there are awards 1st thru 3rd in all age groups. If you are super fast, there are real gold and silver medals for the fastest swimmers and the swimmer of the ages divisions. There will be environmental displays, and Gatorland is bringing a “petting” gator.

It’s time to give back to the lake we all love swimming in!

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I think a good reason to sign up for the Golden Mile is well explained in Lucky’s note to Santa. It’s not too late to get your name on the list. Sign up for the Golden Mile® now! You will be happy you did come Christmas morning.

Thanks to Brian Parramore we will be going through the awards ceremony twice as fast this year. Imagine yourself on one of these two custom made award stands winning the gold, or you can imagine standing on the award stand taking a photo op and pretending to win the gold, which is the most likely scenario for most of us.