Only 28 days until the race. Take 5 minutes right now and register. We have 4000 folks in the Lucky’s Lake Swim Group page we need only a little over 7% to sign up to fill the event.

Last day for cheap early bird entry for the Golden Mile.

Sign Up Now

Here are some reasons to sign up for the Golden Mile.

  1. It makes Lucky very happy to see your name on the sign-up list, and he forwards this list to Santa each year for names to be added to the good boy and girl list.
  2. This is the only fundraiser we do for the Lake Cane Restoration Society (LCRS) each year. If you are not aware all the proceeds go to LCRS which is a charitable 501c3 corporation and LCRS takes on the ginormous task of working to keep the lake swimmable.
  3. You could win a real gold medal or silver medal.
  4. Everyone gets a breakfast, t-shirt and goody bag.
  5. Awards for the top three in each age group.
  6. Survivor medallions for everyone that finishes the race.
  7. An opportunity to set an age group course record.
  8. A cleansing of all past and future sins. (This has not been verified yet, but Snopes says is true. Last statement not verified by Snopes.)


Sign up today. Like, right now, while you are thinking about it.



It’s not just about the hardware. It’s about getting to post on social media that you are participating, validating that you are a cool person and worthy of others respect.  No entry, no respect in you future life.  Prove to others your life has meaning, sign up now