Here are the talking points from this April update.\

Golden mile®, Golden mile®, Golden mile®

Prices go up May 1st register now.
To register, go to and click on the registration button.
Remember all the proceeds from the Golden Mile®; this is how you can help keep the lake clean and swimmable. Do your part register for the Golden Mile®. There are many evil and bad people out there, and then there are those that register to swim the Golden Mile.

We are now taking donations for a silent auction to be held at the Golden Mile®. If you or your company can donate something to this auction, please let us know. We don’t need a ten-year collection of fingernail clippings or other similar items; thanks for the offer, Lucky.

If you are interested in having something donated for the goodie bag, we are looking for more items to make the swag bag unforgettable. Thanks to our already many sponsors. We have a base performance BASE Performance is proud to partner with the famous Lucky’s Lake Swim for 2021 and to provide best-in-class nutrition for all of the swimmers. Good luck on your event, have a blast!”, polite pig, Neutrogena, CCI engineering, sentry water equations, the Rosen Aquatic Center, Ron Jon, and more signing up by the day, we should have great goodie bags for you. Don’t miss out. Sign up now. You might win a real gold medal.

We are now removing the mask mandate from our swim as of Monday, May 3rd. (keep your eyes open for our mask burning later this year). Does this mean you can’t wear a mask at Lucky’s Lake Swim? No, you can wear a mask everywhere you go from now on to the end of time. If you feel uncomfortable around folks not wearing masks, it is your choice to be here. I would ask those who are not wearing masks to be considerate and social distance from those that still feel the need to wear masks and social distance. The bathrooms, hot tub, and showers are now open.   

Yes we had Peep smores on Easter. Eat Pray Swim was a giant success we had about 150 show up, which ain’t bad during a pandemic. It was a little on the cool side, but we still had about 50 to 60 swimmers take the plunge. More great news is that we raised about 3000 dollars for the children’s ranch, which is amazing. Thanks to everyone who was a volunteer and worked tirelessly as volunteers to make the event happen.

The lake cane restoration society has been doing a bang-up job on water testing, and it is going well, the drug testing in the group, not so good., We want to thank all the volunteers for their time and energy they have been putting into the testing. 

A few of you may remember a couple of years ago doing the native beneficial planting we did. It is now paying off; we have duck potato plants really taking off on the lake edge, and we also see several lizard tails and rushes. These are all native plants to Florida lakes and essential to the lake biosphere. We are still waiting for the cannabis to take off.


The Rosen aquatic center is now open, and I encourage you to join. The fees are about 1/2 of what they were at the YMCA, and the facility remains a charitable organization. Not a business owned by Harris Rosen it is operated by his charitable foundation working hard for our community to keep aquatic programs available to everyone. One of the best ways you can help aquatics in central Florida is to become a member of the Rosen Aquatic Center. If you don’t like aquatics, one of the best ways to help us is to move to New York.

Are these guys the last to leave a bar at 2 AM ?  No, it’s lake swimmers finishing playing underwater hockey. Clearly, not an intimidating group. Come join us. We are playing at 7:00 pm on Monday & Wednesday nights, no experience is required. We would love to have you come out and try out underwater hockey; this is an excellent time to join because most of our players are out of shape and everybody will be in the same boat. So, come check out the remodeled Rosen Aquatic Center it looks better than it has in two decades.