Happy Super Bowl Sunday and National Serpent Day to everyone.

Great news! We are on for our major swimming events this year.  We are going to continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely (except for Lucky, who has had both vaccines and is back to nightly raves, and he has reopened his kissing booth at the county fair – the booth was struggling even before COVID-19). With all the vaccinations and a bigger and bigger percentage of the population already having had COVID-19, we feel that we can safely open up our regular charity events this year. Depending on when the event is scheduled will determine if we still have some safety constraints in place. (to be clear, chastity belts were never a safety precaution here at the lake, we would like to thank Jay for all his excellent contributions to lake swimming safety, but that one was a bit of an overreach). Participating is a personal choice, do not feel pressured to join an event if you think you are at high risk.  If you decide to participate, please don’t whine that we are not providing viral proof body armor or Plexiglas separators.  If you plan on keeping hunkered down until the eradication of Covid-19 is complete, then we look forward to seeing you again sometime in the 22nd century.

We are completely back to our PreCOVID-19 daily swim schedule, except that first-time swimmers are asked to come on Saturdays.  Current daily swimming times are Monday thru Friday @ 6:30 AM and Saturdays at 7:45 AM. The hot tub is open to folks that have had both vaccines, have had COVID 19 already, and those that wish to die from COVID19.

Don’t forget this Thursday is our Lake Cane Restoration Society meeting. There will be dancing girls and guys, fantastic desserts, free drugs, alcohol, gambling and bitcoin giveaways for those that attend the physical event. All of  these amenities will not be available at the zoom meeting at 6:30pm. For those that wish to sign up for the physical event please sign up here.

Please watch the below video, and it will tell you all about the 2021 Golden Mile Swim on May 29th, 2021.  Or you can skip the video and go straight to registration (my personal choice).

Real-time water temperatures in the lake are now back up and running on the website (which may explain lake swimmers’ recent low turnouts). These low temps are an opportunity to join the swim at or below your age temperature club.  To be a club member, you swim in a water temperature that is at or below your age (no wet suit).  Club admission is pretty easy if you are Geno and turning 90 this month. However, Jay and Tom did it this week, with the water temp being at 59. Currently, we believe that Lucky holds the coldest record with swimming at 55 degrees when he was age 55. However, with Lucky swimming in the WimpyX pool, he will have to wait until he turns 88 to rejoin the club.

Nothing like feeling frosty crunchy grass under your bare feet before a swim. Makes the water feel warmer even if the lake temp is 59.

Technically the event should be called Pray, swim, eat, but the other way has a better ring to it.