Saturday, that’s tomorrow,  we will be handing out the goody bags and T-shirts for the 2020 Golden Mile® registrants, which was COVID 19 canceled. These are for those who did not transfer their entry to 2021 (Many Thanks). Please, show up to pick up your goody bags.  We don’t want to mail them as this is expensive, and the post office wants a blood donation as well. Please, pick up your swag even if you are not going to swim in the lake tomorrow, and by the way, the water is perfect. It is also the last chance to do the “Virtual Golden Mile®; Jay will be doing his virtual mile butterfly. Lucky was going to watch the movie 300, and join Jay, but then he decided watching Jay suffer would be more enjoyable.

We are stopping the check in system for the weekdays Mon-Friday. Yay!  The numbers are low enough now (dang gator sighting) we should not have any problems with swimmer volume and everyone has been respectful in following the social distancing rules.

Start times will remain at 6:30 am Monday thru Friday (yes it is dark, but that’s how we get our man card stamped) we will still require masks, social distancing, buoy sanitization etc.  The trickle start will also be maintained.  This means you don’t have to wait for Lucky to stagger down and mumble unintelligible words before starting.

Because we have a bigger volume of swimmers on Saturdays we will continue to keep the registration the night before and the start times will remain at 7:00 AM  7:45 AM and 8:30 AM.

First timers will only be allowed at 7:00 AM on Saturdays and need to register for a slot the night before. If the gator is visible they will be allowed in the water first.