In the attached video you will see updates on Lucky’s Lake Swim and the Golden mile.
-A conversation on making Lake Cane a Hippo sanctuary.
-Final words on the now cancelled 2020 Golden Mile®
-Dates for the virtual Golden Mile  Sept 19 and Oct 10th and how to get your swag bags.

Glenn Baker completes 2000 crossings, he had some champagne, and planned on doing another 2000 crossings that day, but changed his mind and went home.

Mary Hayes, age 87, set a new Lucky’s Lake Swim record (85-89) with a time of 40.53 She then dropped down to the deck and completed 1000 one-arm push-ups.

There is a hashtag for Luckys Lake Swim on Peloton. Hastag to the Peloton
Jacquie is seen here riding her peloton to the lake swim. She says she will swim again when she makes it to the shore line.