So for the first time in a decade, we are canceling our movie night and midnight swim, thanks COVID 1984. There is no way to show the movie without packing us in like sardines, so we are going to skip this year. Some have suggested that we watch the news at our homes, as the evening news is scarier than any movie we can show, and then go for a swim. However, Lucky wants to keep all of his rioting and looting options open for that evening. Happily, that will make 2021s movie and midnight swim that much more special, so put it on your calendar for July 3, 2021.

New first time swimmers can join us on July 3. Since July 3 (Friday) is the official national holiday, We will be allowing first-time swimmers to come in on that day; they will still need to sign up the night before for either of the two time slots either 6:30 AM or 7 AM on Friday. Saturday, July 4, first-timers will be allowed to swim in the 7 AM slot only. Again thanks to all of our volunteers that make this lake swim possible, providing necessary social distancing and sanitation, you keep us all safe.

As the Fourth of July falls on a Saturday this year, the daily swimming times will remain the same during this holiday. Please remember you still need to sign up for swim slots the night before.

Folks want to know about how hot the temperature is currently in the lake. Lucky is not sure, but he just saw a lobster this morning crawl out of the lake and climb into a boiling pot of water to cool down.

Important FYI on Covid 19 from Lucky.It’s been months since I’ve gone to the store because of COVID-19. I decided to check with Publix to ensure that a mask and gloves were all that I needed to wear to shop. They assured me that a mask and gloves are all that was required to wear to enter their store. They outright lied to me. I walked in, and everyone was wearing clothes. You are forewarned.