One of our biggest challenges during COVID-1984 has been new swimmers, a.k.a. first-time swimmers. It has been difficult to tell new folks that want to swim, they can’t, because of the sign-in difficulties, We are now going to open up Saturdays for first-time swimmers at 7 AM (They must still register the night before at 6 PM for your start and parking site for the 7 AM slot. If all the 7 AM slots are filled (40), you will have to wait until the next week. Once You have completed registration and swam, you will be able to join us during any other swims during the week. We are doing one sign-in time at 7 AM on Saturday for first-time swimmers. Please spread the word. We are still limiting the swim to two crossings, unless you are incredibly fast, and can do three in the time it takes ordinary people to do two. You know who you are, and we hate you. Still, no bathroom privileges, sorry; you will have to tie it in the night and sit on it until you get home. Please do not pee in the lake, we have checked, and we have plenty of nitrogen in the water. We appreciate those that wish to contribute, but save it for your own pools.

Again thanks to all the wonderful volunteers that have made this all possible. Extreme thanks to red rocket studios for all the work they have done for our registration process and sign-ups.