Good news we are increasing the number of slots available to swim as of Monday. We will have two start sites with 20 each Monday through Thursday at 6:30 AM. You will still need to register the night before at 6 PM there is no priority registration anymore first come first serve. On Fridays there will be two waves of 20 per start point the first wave will be at 6:30 AM the second wave at 7 AM. On Saturday we will continue with our three waves 7:00am 7:30 am and 8: am, but we will increase the number of slots per start point to 20 per side so 120 people will have an opportunity to Swim. Unfortunately, there are still no bathroom privileges, nor are we passing out swag for milestones. We are also not allowing first time swimmers. When you see a volunteer working please thank them as they are the reason we were able to pull this off. Still a 2 crossing limit unless you are a 17 minute or under swimmer then you may do three.

This is where you register

A few weeks ago Lucky, being the artist that he is, put out a series of stakes in creating a modern piece of art, which he appropriately named. “Yellow and Orange stakes overlooking a lake, wishing they could swim”. This 3D creation is not only emotionally moving, but science based as well.  Then someone mentioned “wow this art could be used as a guide for social distancing at the lake swim”. It was an epiphany for Lucky as he realized his art could not only be beautiful and rich in symbolism,  but functional as well. Please feel free to use this display for not only your visual enjoyment, but for for an aid in social distancing. 

Watch the Video for an explanation of the current situation at Lucky’s Lake Swim.