Based on current relaxations and keeping with governmental mandates, we are planning on doing a limited, and I mean limited, reopening of Lucky’s Lake swim. A recent report out of Italy looking at 400 sports and categorizing them  For risk of COVID-19 infection. On the scale, 0 represents non-existent risk, 1 weak rise, 2 medium risk, 3 high risk, and 4 very high risk. Open water swimming was considered one of the few zero sports. Due to certain mandates still being in place, there will be several caveats. For this to work, we need everybody’s help in following the rules, or the alternative will be another shutdown. So, here is the way it’s going to go.

  1. No new first time swimmers. (we just can’t handle the signing in and checking in of new swimmers, at this point, and keeping it safe).
  2. There will be no bathroom facilities or hot tub facilities available (go before you leave your home)
  3. We will have a total of 10 slots available at each of two start points for swimmers Monday through Friday at 6:30 AM at two different locations.
  4. We will continue to follow governmental mandates of no groups bigger than 10. So, we will have two takeoff points of 10 each, one at our regular start and one at the lake house, which Lucky owns adjacent to his property. The ten people swimming from the regular start will park in Lucky’s front yard at the designated parking, which will be marked for adequate separation of cars, so there is no close exposure for individual swimmers. The ten folks that will be leaving from the lake house will park in the Lakehouse front yard in the designated parking areas.
  5. You will be limited to two crossings.
  6. It’s not a gabfest, or a time to catch up with people you haven’t seen in awhile, that’s why we have iPhones. We come, we swim, we leave. Everyone will need to practice social distancing, keeping 6 feet apart. We will enter the water by twos 6 feet apart from each other.
  7. Only one person in the swim shack at a time when you get and put away buoys.
  8. We will have a lake swim range officer organizing and making sure everybody is following the guidelines. Their word is law.
  9. Because there will be more people interested in swimming then slots available, we will have a sign-up the night before. No sign-up – No swim.
  10. The sign-ups will occur as follows with a poll posted on Facebook:
    1. 6 PM 2000 K club swimmers have priority.
    2. 6:15 PM 1000 K club swimmers have second priority
    3. 6:30 PM hundred K club swimmers have third priority
    4. If the 20 slots are not filled by 6:45 PM, which is unlikely, it will open to everyone else.
  1. After the slots are filled, we will post which house you will park at and start the swim from.
  2. If you have an access point from another home on the lake, and you have already been swimming through this access point, we ask you to continue to do this, so we have more slots available for everybody else.
  3. On Saturdays, in order to try to accommodate more swimmers, we will have three start waves two waves of 10 swimmers each first wave at 7 o’clock second wave at 7:45 in the third wave at 8:30. The rules for the weekday swims still apply for the Saturday swim. There will be sign-ups the night before (at the same time), and we will post where the parking will be after the sign-ups are complete.
  4. If you sign up and do not show, unless there is an active lightning storm, you will be put on swimming probation for two weeks from the lake swim. If you arrive late for your start time, you will not swim, and be put on probation.
  5. Everyone’s health and safety is our primary concern. Lucky has discussed this Limited reopening with a former member of the epidemiology department in the Florida Department of Health in Orange County. We discussed the plans for a limited reopening, and the details for doing this safely. He believes that this is the proper approach.
  6. Needless to say, if you are having symptoms of any illness or are in quarantine because of known exposure to someone infected with COVID-19 do not swim.
  7. If you have complaints or valuable insights you would like to share, please print this email, fill in this triangle with your suggestions. Δ After filling out the triangle, please sign and have it notarized. Mail the notarized paper to Lucky, certified, and don’t forget to include your Bank Account number, routing number, PIN, and Social Security number. Please also include any credit card numbers that are not maxed out along with their expiration and security code.

Congratulations to Cleve Cooney the winner of our COVID-19 video contest.His Is entry was “Plucky’s pond”. I think everybody else gave up once they saw Cleve’s entry. Cleve, I think you need to start checking your mailbox for your invitation to the Academy Awards 2021.

Winner of Lucky’s Lake Swim Covid-19 video contest. Cleve Cooney “Plucky’s Pond”