Beautiful mornings, perfect water temperatures, and the water clarity is getting better and better, but In the COVID-19 world, this still sucks. However, we are still trying to make lemons out of lemonade. So, we will be having a virtual eat-pray-visualize swim for Easter, our attempt at spitting in the face of COVID-19. As part of the event, we have a wonderful pancake recipe contest going on; you can find more about this at year, the Easter service will be live online on Luckys Lake swim Facebook page we hope you all tune in and join us. Details on Easter can all be found at

We have a highly anticipated virtual Lake Cane Restoration Society board meeting Thursday at 6:30 PM. The exciting thing about this board meeting is that everybody can attend nude. I suspect this will be one of the most popular board meetings that we ever host. Find out more at Everyone can attend sans clothes or not.

Since many of us are stuck at home trying to cope with not having our water time, we have decided to host a video contest. The rules are simple. Shoot a video showing how you are dealing with going cold turkey on your addiction to aquatic exercise. Post on TikTok or YouTube and then post the link to Lucky’s Lake Swim Facebook page. The winner will receive a one of a kind Lucky’s Lake Swim video contest winner T-shirt, (something to live for). Lucky explains the contest in the video below. If you do not know how to film a TikTok video, Lucky explains the TikTok process in three simple steps in the second video. Your chances of winning are very high, currently, as we have precisely zero submissions. You have through the weekend of May 3 to get your entries posted.