For the first time in 30 years, we are shutting down Lucky‘s Lake Swim. I always thought if it happened, it would be to a stampede of invasive crocodiles or The Lake Cane monster. But no, it apparently is due to brand-name beer being served all over the World on china plates, who would’ve thunk it.  We have swam in fog, cold, storms and hurricanes, but a virus broke our backs. Anyway, we are shut down to demonstrate good citizenship and hopefully save some lives along the way. In a few weeks, we will re-open to viral free waters, and partially clad supermodels will be dancing on the shoreline welcoming our return.

We have not decided on the Golden mile yet, but the horizon is looking grimmer as the time goes on. We will let everybody know by at least April 2nd. Just a reminder the Eat Pray Swim Easter celebration has been canceled, we will have a virtual Easter, though, which amazing members of the lake Cane restoration Society board are working hard to put together. More to come. Stay safe, my friends, And thank God for Netflix.

This video demonstrates the extreme contagiousness of the corona epidemic. Please share this science with your friends. Click on the image or this link.