Hello, Lucky’s Lake Swim Blog followers, normally there is a great deal of hyperbole in these posts, and I want to make it clear that this first section is in all seriousness.  After this section below the red line, we return to the typical absurdity of the blog.

First, I would like to discuss recent closings here in town.  The Rosen YMCA Aquatic Center has canceled all aquatic events through April due to the coronavirus pandemic.  They will remain open for regular programming at this time, which includes Masters Swimming, Underwater Hockey, and Masters Water Polo. They are not, though, allowing out of town visitors to these programs.

EAT – PRAY – SWIM, is canceled for 2020 

Lucky’s Lake Swim our daily swim (for the time being) will remain open; however, I highly encourage you not to swim in the lake unless this is your only option. Chlorinated pools are deemed safe for swimming, and I believe rightfully so. The lake does not have any sanitation processes. It is entirely possible to contract the virus through waterborne exposure. Although there is limited literature regarding this risk, other coronaviruses have had waterborne transmission. We do not want to make Lucky’s Lake swim famous for being the seminal case study for the role of waterborne transmission of covid19. Of course, transmission risk increases with the number of individuals that are in the water at any one time. So my recommendation is if you have another place to swim that is a chlorinated, facility, swim there for the next few weeks. If you are a regular local lake swimmer and you have no other swimming options, then we will remain open, but we ask for out of town swimmers to not participate in the lake swim on their visit to Orlando at this point.

Should the YMCA go to level II in their closures (meaning shutting down the Y for all programming), then we will shut down Lucky’s Lake Swim at that juncture.

Regarding the Golden Mile®,  we are in discussions on this year’s race. There is a  possibility of cancellation, but  We will make a final decision on April 2nd.

We are all in this together; Covid19 does not differentiate between political parties, race, sex, etc. It does though have a higher lethality, with the Greatest Generation, the Silent Generation, and the Baby Boomers. Our only defense is to prevent the spread, and we have to do it now. Later is too late. We live in a great country with an extreme amount of resilience. It will be a tough few months, but our country will survive the pandemic and roar back.


Now begins the regular blog

To clarify Lucky has not canceled Easter!  He has only canceled the Eat-Pray-Swim celebration of Easter.  Lucky has never been responsible for canceling any religious holiday, ever.  Unless you count the National hang naked by your feet from a barn rafter, summer solstice, event, of which, he was the only participant.

Great news!  To respond to the inconvenience of coronavirus restrictions on Lucky’s Lake Swim, we will be cutting the normal admission by 50% for six weeks following the lifting of travel bans.

Please do not take Lucky’s Lake Swim toilet paper rolls.  We have several broad-leafed weeds growing in the yard, and you are welcome to as many of these as you wish to pull.

Since folks may have some extra reading time the next couple of weeks, may I recommend The Immune Ebook version .Audio Book version.  A charming little allegorical tale of America and a warning of what not to give up in the time of National crisis. (OMG is Lucky trying to profit off the Coronavirus pandemic? Shame, shame!)

Unbelievable, These two kids are doing a presentation at Palm Lake Elementary on Famous Floridians day. Can you guess who they are dressed as? Well, none other than our very own Doc Lucky. My understanding is that they got an A+ on presentation but a D- on subject selection. This is having an unimaginable effect on our education system, with the state protesting the subject material by closing down several schools of higher education. It’s happening all over, read the news.

So, the water temp of Lucky’s Lake Swim is now live on the website. You can view the current temp at any time. This particular temperature was somewhat concerning. Pastor Tom refused to swim that day,and others claimed that something was tearing at their souls during the entire swim. If you repeatedly click on the text, which says, “Click here to see Temps” it will not take you anywhere as it is a photo, not a link, unless you click on it precisely 100 times, and then you can click on this link. Please click 100 times before clicking the second link. Thanks “The Management”

Congrats to Danielle, who scored her 150 cap. Her athletic accomplishment was lived vicariously by her parents, who photobombed her moment of glory. You never saw Michael Phelps mom climbing on the Olympic victory stand with him, did you now?

The Below video is of Lucky’s Lake Swim’s beloved start dog, Luna. It turns out that Luna has many talents that may not be known to most of our swimmers. This is a kid-friendly video.

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♬ Jump – Kris Kross

 This is an educational video of one of our most esteemed Lake Swimmers explaining how the Coronavirus is spread.  This may not be a kid-friendly video or even adult-friendly for that matter.  Viewers have been warned

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