First, let me say to those that received the strange “Test” email you all passed, but Lucky did not, because the email was to go to 2 people only, and it ended up going to 1200. So one big F+ to Lucky. Happily, our new system seems to be getting the blog out okay. If you are reading this on the website but did not receive the post by email, please check your spam folder or sign up for the blog.

Yaaay! The lake temperature is now live and updated every few minutes at It can also be seen live at the Rosen YMCA Aquatic Center. Water temps of the pools at the Rosen YMCA can also be seen. So this means you don’t have to drive over to Lucky’s to put your toe in the lake only to turn around and leave. You can now click on the website while in bed and roll back over and go to sleep. Many thanks to Amin Ismail for his tireless efforts in making this project succeed and to Jay Madigan’s endless persistence.

Question: Can you catch a coronavirus swimming?  Yes, very easily and pass them. Coronaviruses have very short stubby arms and legs and swim quite slowly. But, it is possible to get waterborne infections from some coronaviruses, we just aren’t so sure about COVID-19. No need to stop swimming the lake, yet, or switching from Coronas to Heinekens, we will keep you updated.

Golden Mile® Update
Over one quarter of all the spots are taken.  Many more than this time last year.  It looks like we will close out again before the registration deadline gets here.  We have a race cap count total of 300.  Don’t get stuck sitting on the sidelines register now.  We also will be needing volunteers to help with the race.  Please sign up here VOLUNTEER SIGN UP GOLDEN MILE®

Next Big Event:  EASTER EAT-PRAY-SWIM  April 12th at sunrise mark your calendars!

Audrey scored the 1500 crossing yo-yo! Yes, amazingly enough, this milestone-reward does exist. She was also the recipient of the Wendy May Andrew award presented at the last Lake Cane Restoration Society meeting, and she won the photo contest as well. She did cry, but my understanding was because she found out there was no cash prize associated with the Wendy Many Andrew award. Next year it is rumored we will be giving out bitcoins with the award. Sorry about that Audrey you missed it by one year.

Jay presented a paper at a water management symposium at University of Florida along with Lucky. Lucky presented the first half of the talk and Jay the second half. Lucky used up all the time so Jay had only 23 seconds to present his half before he was pulled off stage with a big shepherd’s crook. Jay did great for the amount of time he had, and was only upset because Lucky was in the audience heckling him for 18 of the 23 seconds. Jay has vowed to go first if they ever get an academy award together. Lucky says “fine they won’t be listening to you as I will be doing yo-yo tricks while you are speaking.”

What happens when you attach a fake moustache with superglue?I have no idea, but ask Shawn he may know.

It was Geno’s Birthday and we had cake and balloons. Here is a picture of Samantha offering congrats with Tom (Seriously someone had to fill the photobombing vacuum since Ron has not been showing up). Congrats on turning 89 Geno! You have to do your next crossing butterfly since you missed the party.

Lucky’s Lake Temps are live at the Rosen YMCA Aquatic Center as well as being on our website. You can be reminded how freaking cold the lake is just about everywhere nowadays.