Water is still cold 69 degrees for yesterday’s swim, but we should be breaking into the 70s in the next week or so. There is a  Lake Cane Restoration Society board meeting this Thursday. All swimmers are welcome to attend. If you have never been to one of these meetings before, It is like if you mix a carnival sideshow freak show with a very serious TED Talk. And, speaking of TED talks, Jay and Lucky will be presenting a paper about what is going on with the Lake Cane Restoration Society at the University of Florida On Tuesday, May 25th. My understanding is that scalpers still have tickets for sale for this momentous event.

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We have received the final tally from the frogman swim,and the total given to the Navy seal foundation was $15,000. The amount was going to be a lot less, but we caught Tom right before he got on a seaplane heading for Havana with all the raffle ticket money, we knew Tom was the greatest raffle ticket salesman of all time, but we didn’t know his true motivation. In the future, beware of Tom with raffle tickets and girl scouts with boxes of cookies.  Many thanks to the swim guzzlers and to everybody that participated in the event as a swimmer or volunteer.  It was an amazing event and for a fantastic cause. www.SwimGuzzlers.com 

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We are already getting in great stuff for our swag bags. If your company would like to donate products to help make our swag bags the greatest ever, please let Lucky or Jay know.  Also, if you have a business or know somebody that has a company that would be willing to display a poster to show support of the Golden Mile FANTASTIC, we have plenty of posters. Please ask Lucky for a poster.